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Thread: Need help with my Enneagram

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    Default Need help with my Enneagram

    Hello, I've been plagued with an identity crisis of sorts. I'm still fairly new to enneagrams and I need a little help trying to figure out just what I am.
    For the most part most signs point to me being a 9 of some sort (tests and sorts). I'm usually very easy going and I handle social conversations quite well, enough that I appear fairly extroverted. However, I prefer to spend alot of my time on my own or with my family. I've never been a huge fan of dance clubs or parties but when I am there I tend to fit in and be sociable.

    I have a great sense of humor and I am often the funniest person in the group. Also, I quite enjoy attention but only at times. I am very smart but rarely contentious. I tend to be a chameleon of sorts and agree to people and their different views despite them differenting from me. I also tend to avoid situations where people can argue with me or become disappointed with me. I am one of the least assertive people that I know ever.

    I tend to have ADD in my personality where I can't commit to a certain thing (like work) and easily get sidetracked. Also, I am fairly hyperactive in general.

    Also I often get confused about my identity often identifying or changing my identity to either fit in or fade out given the circumstances.
    Now for the most part I think I may be a Nine. However the main thing that concerns me is that I actually enjoy conflict. When a fight breaks out I smile a little bit, it entertains me (not the abuse but observing how people deal with conflicts and bad situations). I have been even been called "The God of Mischief" (jokingly I hope) because I will often aggitate people and stir up others for shere whimsical joy of how they will react. That seems not very nine-like behavior and day I say a little childish. Also, the job of a counselor seems like something I would least want to do in life. Nor do I handle people's sad emotions very well (crying makes me feel weird).

    So what do you say? Do you need any more information?
    Thank you

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    You didn't say much that actually had too much to do with enneagram but I'll go out on a limb and guess that you're a 9w8 sx/so or something.

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    9w8 so/sx
    I really like cats and food.

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    Which do you feel is most essential: peace, recognition, or novelty?

    What do you think is your most valuable characteristic?

    In what area do you feel you could use the most work?

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    Sorry Chawie I'm am new to this and I hate to not supply correlating information in regards to the enneagram.
    I think recognition is most essential as sometimes I can be irritated if not received proper recognition. Also, Novelty means nothing to mean and peace is something I have hardly ever thought of as obtainable.

    My most valuable characteristic is my easy going, carefree, humorous nature.

    I need the most work in being more assertive... hands down. Otherwise I am pretty content on myself.

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    Hey @technomonkey, I'd recommend filling out a questionnaire.

    You can take your pick of:

    Just copy-paste the questionnaire and use it here.

    I wouldn't bother doing both, just fill out whichever is more appealing to you - both are designed to seek information that is relevant to Enneagram. The more in-depth you can go, the better.
    Thinking must serve the thinker.

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