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Thread: Another INTP or ENTP identity crysis

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    Question Another INTP or ENTP identity crysis

    OK so basically i like talking to people, meeting new people, getting to know them and stuff like that but i can't stand being around them ALL day (or if i have to be around them all day i need to take the next day off to balance out or something). When i have guests that are staying over for example it's really.. i don't wanna say disturbing but you get the idea, i can't get a minute to myself. So some days i'm fine with just sitting in front of my computer all day reading about stuff i'm interested in. After a while of that though (2-3 days max?) i need to go out and talk to other people. I'm really introspective (or so i think?) but at the same time i love explaining theories and what not to people, public speaking and just talking to people in general.
    Any ideas whether i'm an I or an E type?

    To add to that when i get pissed off at something or i'm feeling cranky i just want everyone to leave me alone. Or does that not have any relation to my type?

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    You sound extraverted. INTPs don't go out and meet people. They spend their time in solitary places to get inspiration. You do that a bit, but you don't thrive on it. You also like talking about ideas, whereas INTPs enjoy thinking about ideas. All of this seems more ENTP>INTP.

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    Most of my friends tend to think so. Often times i hear "you talk too much/you just go on and on..". Thanks for your answer, i appreciate it.

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    Very easily confused type as far as I/E are concerned. But you aren't analyzing it in terms of functions. Extraversion and introversion are not purely social behaviors in Jungian terms. More like an orientation to the world,which includes people.

    l'm also a reserved extravert, most likely ENTP. Ti isn't my dominant function and l'm less analytical than an INTP, an INTP can remain comfortable without socialization possible because of this, more drive to analyze details and spend more time doing so, typically done more effectively away from people anyway.

    l have periods of doing this but it is decidedly not my primary mode of functioning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbgspitfire View Post
    Most of my friends tend to think so. Often times i hear "you talk too much/you just go on and on..". Thanks for your answer, i appreciate it.
    That could be dom Ne rambling. I think you're an ENTP too.
    I really like cats and food.

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    Try and figure out your dominant function. Is it Ne, or Ti? In other words, do you spend most of your time focusing on generating ideas, or are you more introspective of your ideas and dig deeper into them?
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    I'd say ENTP.

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    Finding out your enneagram helps immensely in that regard. I was always confused about my type, but then I found out that's natural for a 6 to do. I also mention enneagram because that has a lot more to do with behavior than MBTI. What you're giving right now is not function related and therefore won't get you the answer you're looking for. Actually, it probably will, but it won't necessarily be the right one.

    I suggest reading up on functions and asking questions about them specifically if you're really interested in finding out.

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    Is the "not finishing most projects/ideas" thing an Ne-dom trait? Because that seems to be the case with me. I would get really into something for some time... and then randomly decide i don't care about it anymore and drop it. Pretty sure that's what's happening with my career choice but that's another story.

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    Do you feel like (have to) acting on opportunities (ep) or what-ever-is-that-intps-do?

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