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Thread: Another INTP or ENTP identity crysis

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    all the arrows point in the same direction.

    the first rule of ENTP club: you tell everyone you're in ENTP club.
    the second rule of ENTP club: you tell everyone you're in ENTP club.

    the third rule of ENTP club: do not remove watches & sharp objects.

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    ^Lol agreed. I am an ENTP and I love bragging about being one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qoi View Post
    Finding out your enneagram helps immensely in that regard. I was always confused about my type, but then I found out that's natural for a 6 to do. I also mention enneagram because that has a lot more to do with behavior than MBTI. What you're giving right now is not function related and therefore won't get you the answer you're looking for. Actually, it probably will, but it won't necessarily be the right one.

    I suggest reading up on functions and asking questions about them specifically if you're really interested in finding out.
    Functions aren't the only way to go about determining MBTI type. I somewhat agree with using the Enneagram, but there's always the possibility of a 6 who is an INTP, or whatever.
    "I absorb energy like a sponge everywhere I go. It allows me to see the world and my purpose in it." Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures (INFJ)

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