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Thread: Trying to zero in on my type, after looking into functions more. Help please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by louiesgonnadie View Post
    Yeah I don't think I explained it accurately. My main question though was how someone could determine someone else's type, if you couldn't determine it based on how often someone uses a function. I suspect you responded based on the relationship between functions and the psyche. I suppose that could be a way of determining someone's type though.
    Yeah, I really don't go there. The INTJ type hides behind Te too well, and not necessarily just Te.
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    Quote Originally Posted by louiesgonnadie View Post
    Okay so I was re-reading this thread and saw that debate between you and Kamishi, and one thing stuck out to me:

    If this is the case then how would someone determine someone's type? Strong intuitive hunches and vibes?
    You have to take the functions in context with everything else (the situation and way it's being used, you could be seeing a less conscious complex at work, etc. and then temperament and Interaction Style are the other clues to type.
    I didn't say you can't ever go by functions, just you can't always go by one you [think you're] seeing.
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