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Thread: Help me narrow down my type (tons of info to make it easy!)

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    Default Help me narrow down my type (tons of info to make it easy!)

    I have known about Myer's Briggs for many years, and even the function attitudes, but I feel that I am still not totally sure of my type. I do have a lot of specifics that I can give you though, that will probably make typing me easier. So, can you help me? WALL OF TEXT WARNING.

    • I think I am mainly an introvert because being around people is draining in general and I've never really been a people person regardless.
    • I don't really care about others lives (however I have a somewhat dysfunctional family so that may play in as well).
    • I do care how others perceive me a little - ideally I would like to be seen as knowledgeable, helpful, and youthful (young looking and that attitude of maybe happy go lucky or not weighed down by adult responsibility)
    • I am a pretty serious person
    • However I put play before work
    • I think I am a good listener. When I need to listen because it's really important, like school, I give the speaker all my attention and ask questions. I think my ability to listen has come up as a strength of mine in school (not totally sure but more than not)
    • I don't party and don't like small chat
    • I think I am a bit of an optimist but I feel attracted to negative things so when talking about them it can come off not that's more me
    • I like to see the good in people first, like assume they are smart/competent/etc, therefore it can be really easy for me to rationalize or come up with reasons why they would still do something bad
    • My natural way of getting somebody to change their ways is through persuasion (if you do it this way, [it has this benefit] or this way is faster than that, it is less prone to [compare and contrast]).
    • I don't do things others tell me unless they give me a good reason why ("because I said so" is meaningless)
    • And likewise, I am very explanatory about how/why I do something or why I reached a conclusion (like if I were to do something wrong, then they can follow my train of thought)
    • I am somewhat easily embarrassed when I do something incorrectly
    • I do take criticism personally, it's not something I like and wish I could turn it off
    • When I am faced with a problem, I usually tackle it by taking in as much info as possible. What is EVERY single option I have at my disposal and please give me the fine print to read.
    • I like brainstorming (maybe not formally, with a paper and bubbles and such, but just trying to invoke that "think of everything" mindset and coming up with something, realistic or not)
    • I am extremely frugal. I put off most purchases, mostly based on the fact "Do I really need it? Yes/no?" and "Will something better be out soon?" Another thing I highly value is customer reviews. I will read reviews and research a product I am interested in until I can draw any conclusion (could be a little researched needed or turn into a huge project).
    • I don't trust salespeople in general due to always thinking they have conflict of interest. I would rather I sell stuff to myself (and several people have told me I would make a good salesman due to how to how detailed I was). I usually just look up a whole product line, try to find a theme, what makes things different, then can narrow down
    • In general I am indeceive, I have never made snap judgements or decisions (what if there's something I forgot to take into account or if I make this large decision it better be right, I cannot undo it)
    • I don't commit to something until I am extremely confident of it (having specifics to back up X, Y, Z or knowing enough about a general concept to the point where I can apply it to something else without hesitation that it will not work)
    • I would rather too much information and then process it or narrow, than not enough or process as I go.
    • I am not a very planned person. I see the benefit of having a schedule and doing things planned in advance and being neat and organized, but I honestly can't do it. I just feel like doing something else, so I do something else.
    • I have a bad short term memory (I will frequently lose things or have my heads in the clouds or just not remember things I should be remembering)
    • When dressing myself, ideally I would like to look like a thousand bucks everyday. I like colorful, somewhat loud clothing. I like patterns and texture most, things that feel "vibrant". Also, fit is extremely important. If I am wearing something ll-fitting, even a little, it effects me a lot because. I can boost my confidence and clearness of mind by just wearing clothing that I like that fits very well. Shallow but true.
    • I don't learn on my feet, I would rather read all about something I am doing or know everything in advance first, then have a step by step process and run over that until it's ingrained in my mind. Then I will tweak things to be as optimal and fast as can be.
    • I like genuinely like helping people and applying knowledge of things I know to real life (this applies more for others than myself, though I am trying to change that and keep myself in check too!) - I feel like, if I know something or know how something can be done better, faster, cheaper, smarter than what I see, I would like to correct them and help them. Also, what good is knowledge if you don't use it or obtain results from it? This may sound rather arrogant or controlling, but that's not my intent. It is COMPLETELY rooted in doing good for the sake of saving somebody something or helping them with information I know they don't know. There is no ulterior motive or schemes going on. I would only do this for people I personally know, not strangers. Ideally this feels like something big I want to do with my life, but not sure how to categorize it. I wouldn't like something like advocacy or coaching, that would feel too touchy feely and like too personal. I was thinking more along the line of analytics maybe (did you know that this expense is ____ or "this model can help us follow this problem you didn't even know existed). I feel pretty accurate about the the limits of my own knowledge too and will only step in when I am 1000% confident. (This is really a main source of conflict between my parents and I - I will know, with the research behind me, how to do something better, so because I want to help, I bring it up, but even after extreme persuasion, they say no. They sometimes shut the door in my face or just don't even humor me - then I either dig my heels in and force them to listen or take it personally and think less of them and/or schadenfreude
    • Some of my interests are computers (cutting edge things, etc), skincare, politics, photography, general news items, discussions and exploring dynamics in them
    • Sometimes I will start typing or talking and out of freaking nowhere bursts of insight or logic come to me during it. It's like they express themselves outwards (typing/talking) faster than inwards (in my head, knowing all of what I'm goin to say in advance) - like this post for example Dario Nardi's Neuroscience of Personality I love when it happens because it's so surprising. Is that extroverted intuition or extroverted thinking? What is that!?
    • I don't really like expressing my thoughts or feelings, it can get akward and I don't know what I"m "supposed" to say
    • I don't think I'm the best at language in general. I am often looking for the right word to use, or pausing, thinking how I can say something. Plus I suck at just remembering lots of different words - I am not a dictionary people! I am better in written word because it gives me more time to think first and it lets me choose exactly what I want to say.
    • When I do talk, I am pretty anal about defining how confident I am about something or how much of fact/truth something is (the word I use most is probably, like "It will probably choose that", like whenI think something is true and blah blah, but I am not 100% sure or don't have mountains of evidence to back it up - it can annoys me when others don't go into this kind of detail and I can't tell if they are talking from opinion, pure fact, or probable fact).
    • I don't think I am drawn to the arts that much. I mean of course I like watching movies or music, etc, but I don't think or actively plan out those things. I do however get quite a good amount of entertainment from TV though, but it's not really enjoyment, more like this incredibly numb/disaffected/clearness of mind feeling (I actually love that feeling). I don't have a lot of positive soul-touching feel good moments.
    • I listen to music quite Se I think, focusing a lot on the physical sound (and sound quality) and the different tracks individually and predicting how the song will change. I find lyrics are distracting.
    • My favorite genre is general is electronic (dance music). Electro house, UK hardcore, happy hardcore, hard dance... hower I have dabled into the experimental, minimal, ridiculous stuff like Venetian Snares, and I like pop music a lot too.
    • I asked "What if?" a lot when I was younger, mainly to be annoying and conjure up ridiculous scenarios, until I found my parents thought it was really annoying and then actively suppressed it (for some reason I took that really personally, and it's really sad because I thought that was a really useful trait. I should have just told them "Shut the fuck up, and maybe if you used your brain for once you would be able to answer me." lol)
    • In school, I found it extremely easy to write papers, long ones too (can you tell, I did NOT expect this post to be this long). It's so routine - have an idea, get some meat to back it up (or you can reverse the two), and then just talk about it, showing how your way works (with the meat behidn it), and probing deeper into new meanings. Sometimes I just sit down and think of dumping everything too, like when I typed this up.

    So, with all of that said... what do you think my type is? Or mostly likely types? Or most used function attitudes?

    PS I also took the Keys2Cognition test (which I absolutely hate how it words it's questions and how non specific it is) and got this bizarre result. Is it usefu? I'll let your opinion decide that

    Your pattern of responses most closely matches individuals of this type: INFP
    If these cognitive processes don't fit well then consider these types: ENFP, or INTP

    SPOILER, what I think type I am and history (may cloud your judgement first, select text to reveal):For many years, I got INTJ as a test result. I agreed with the personality writeups on it but over time realized it's not really me, but more the "ideal" version, like if I answer all the questions based on preference rather than what I actually do. I've read more about the cognitive functions recently and taken more tests, and this time I got INTP, with a slight lean on thinking (nothing large). One person typed me as an INFP too after a huge chunk of text I sent them just talking about my personal life (not the stuff above, but what I had to say about a work day and how I interact and so on). I did some research on INFP and I feel like they could fit me too! I don't feel I have the true super strong analytical properties of INTP, nor am I that unshakeable/impersonal. Could Fi then be a possibiltiy too? So I wrote this up with INxP in mind.
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    most likely IxTP, a slight possibly of IxFJ.

    not sure about Ne-Si or Se-Ni.

    edit: you sound a bit like an INTP (Ti>Ne) but its too early to tell.

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    I would like to be seen as knowledgeable
    Concentrate on what is true, not how you would like to be seen.
    If this is the best of possible worlds, what then are the others?
    ― Voltaire, Candide

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaguar View Post
    Concentrate on what is true, not how you would like to be seen.
    I thought everybody had an "ideal" way they want others to think about them (even if you don't really care what others think of you, you probably wouldn't want them to hate you). That's really why I included that, just my perspective.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Folderol View Post
    I thought everybody had an "ideal" way they want others to think about them (even if you don't really care what others think of you, you probably wouldn't want them to hate you). That's really why I included that, just my perspective.
    This may surprise someone like you, but I'm well aware there are people who hate me. And I know why they do. That's the fun part.

    To thine own self be true, kiddo.
    If this is the best of possible worlds, what then are the others?
    ― Voltaire, Candide

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    You seem like a Ti-Fe user.

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    INTP? Sounds pretty INTP to me. I agree with Mane, too. Slight possibility of IxFJ as well.

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    I skimmed the end -- whew, you weren't kidding about "tons of info" -- but your description leads me to believe Introvert with introverted judging, probably IxTP. Again, basically what Mane said.

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    IEE Ne


    I wanna say INTP. Such high Ne but you say you are an introvert, which I believe. I get a distinct Ti feeling from you as well. The high Si is weird...

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