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Thread: Am I an ISFP or an INFP?

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    Default Am I an ISFP or an INFP?

    I'm allready certain that I'm a very strong introvert, feeler and perciever, but I'm having a little trouble figuring out whether I'm a sensor or intuitive. I'm often spacing out, but I tend to think of shows I watch, music I heard, things my friends say, etc. Complex abstract theories tend to confuse me. I also have trouble observing what's around me. I tend to miss out on details and stuff. I like coming up with crazy ideas about how all fictional worlds are alternate universes, but most theories with a lot of philosophy behind them confuse me. I also really like animals and nature and my favorite hobby is drawing. I want to be an art teacher when I grow up. Is there anything that will help me decide if I'm an S or an N?

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    Probably an N. You could try to identify your tertiary function as that can often be helpful (its supposedly more comfortable to use than your second one.) See if you identify with Si or Ni more.

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