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Thread: ENTP or ESTP (was ENFP) oh my

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    Default ENTP or ESTP (was ENFP) oh my

    ** I appreciate anyone who can read this** *Sorry for grammar errors, my fingers are tired from typing on this iPhone!

    Female: 30 years old*

    So for the longest I came back as ENFP, but then started reading more of it & watching what ENFPs write about & thought most of their beliefs/values didn't match with me except for fun & loving, freespirit, easy going & imagination.. Well on the imagination I noticed a lot of em live in fantasy world as in, my little pony & world of war crafts.. Yeah, that's not me!*

    I actually put thought into it & was rating myself too high or low because I like to have fun and wasn't thinking outside of fun.*

    I now come back as ESTP or ENTP. My N/S are kind of balance and almost identical. I think BOTH fit me.*

    My mind is very quick & always going*

    Except, I'm not athletic - I'm a klutz!

    The "do-er" ummm I KNOW what needs to be done, but I'm a procrastinator... Give me a little push start or I waste time & then Realize oh crap! And go into turbo mode.*

    Things left open: MIXED! I actually do like structure & plans set in place with details (then I know if it's fun or not).. But, I hardly follow through with it..
    I don't like being confined though, I want freedom.

    Social butterfly! You need a leash at times with me.
    - if I'm out out with friends & you can't find me, my friends say "she didn't leave, she just got side tracked and she will be back!

    *My imagination is large, crazy & bizarre but no "fantasy" or sci-fi..

    INSIDE; I think I'm secretly an adrendine exciting nerd in hiding thats full of everything and curiosity.

    People don't fully get me: they think I'm ONLY that weeeeee party it up have fun girl.*

    I throw a lot of curve balls with people once they know me a little bit more. I'm all layers like a book.*

    They think I am either: Too Sensitive & weak (which I am only sensitive with someone I love & can put them before me)

    Fun acquaintances & fun friends, I dont think I really appreciate/value them, I know it's only fun. But get mad & sad when I think about it but Relieved too and go into hibernating , then re-emerge into fun world.

    One may think not enough sensitivity, cold & mean, *very tough minded & independent "wow how have you held your spirit up"?*

    I can nit pick & analyze all in my head and external. But very bubbly.*

    • HUMANITY? Could really careless of the communities & volunteering (even though I've done it now & then but it's not a priority)



    *- yes, of course, morals & ethics.
    - I'm very different with being helpful from work to personal (as most)

    - WORK: I do go out of my way because that's apart of my job and expected of me as an employee. You don't help - you're fired
    - I do help at work because I like to also. I may feel smarter, and it does feel good when I've showed someone what to do.
    - *but will get annoyed with it after a bit.. And start to crap in my head about them
    - either help just because it's ethically right, because the other can't do it so I do, just to go with the flow, I feel smarter, help to get it done & move on.

    - I have fallen behind at work for trying to juggle my work & others.

    - I don't like to speak up & ask for help, it's a weakness to me and possibly know I've been slacking myself

    PERSONAL: Flip Flop: I can be very selfish and procrastinate on helping. What do I get out of it or I guess I will do it*

    - I will go out of my way to the ones I really respect & know appreciate it*
    OR the ones who don't constantly ask & aren't lazy.

    • WORK: I like it when the boss tells me what they want & just give it to me and let me do it & show my competence. I also zone out once they go way into detail, I already know what you want, let me go & do it.*

    I prefer bullet points with a quick highlights that are detailed to the point.

    As much as I love flexibility in the work place with changes, I want my boss to give me exact concrete. I hate it when the boss flip flops their mind in how they want a project done -> do it -> then they change their mind -> re-do it *waste of time!!)

    Some bosses have said "stop looking at the big picture and going into the future, just do this"*
    - But I can already see where it's gonna get messed up, fix now & not waste time.*
    - I love to come up & create new ideas at work, how something flows to the end - read in between the lines.*
    - very proficient in technology & grab on.
    - creating a new programs sounds fun! Maybe a chat system so employees can communicate quicker.*
    - takes me a bit to begin something, I'm always finding, searching & brainstorming for the items to go with what I'm working on. It can consume me.
    - I like to know what I'm working on first, but then while I'm working as a I go, I really learn and get that "ah-ha"!! And more ideas.*

    I love it & want to socialize but at times I just want to get down to business and work. But then I miss teamwork, and socializing, new ideas. But I sometimes don't speak up or lose focus with everyone around me.*
    - I feel most comfortable asking questions one on one or small group - never a large group unless I know exactly what I'm speaking of.


    - WORK: I don't feel comfortable telling what to do at work - only showing. But once I've created something at work, I don't want someone to change my creation.*

    I'm such a procrastinator!! But know I'm very competent & can learn quick.

    *- HOME: I like to make the rules, it's about me &*my way , my time schedule (even though I can't follow the schedule)
    - I can do it but you can't*
    - I can be a snot
    - but I'm very flexible & understanding *& adoring
    - *like others to take in charge and show me something different, stand up!


    I guess I'm more of a 'spaz' when it's something to my feelings & involves me
    *- yeah I can show & have them, but do I let someone else's personal problems effect me?*
    - is it real where I feel sad & aww? Not really, I just can relate & give insight & it does feel good providing insight to the non complainers.*

    I feel important then.
    - I just know how to mold to you & know what to say with what kind of expression & empathy.*

    - I don't like to talk about my problems really unless someone may ask. I hate being a cry baby of my problems to people.*

    - RELATIONSHIPS: once *i've gotten involved in an intimate relationship & my feelings are really there, I actually do want to talk about emotions & us and hear emotions from the other.*

    Lots of the times words don't effect me.. Now if i see someone physically hurt yes, this has impact or if I'm watching real life episode of something bad because I don't know them truthfully & know their BS!

    - Brush me off & ignore, that impacts me.
    - I'm very good with physical body expressions & NON - pick up on them

    I can definitely relate to a lot with people, but I like it more about me at times*

    I'm very loyal & you can trust me with secrets & opening up to me. *I can have motives secretly.*

    Just because I'm talking of past personal matters doesn't mean I've emotionally opened up (stop thinking that!)

    • HUNCHES & GUT:

    - Honestly.. I think it's okay for me to have hunches because I then explore more, come up with ideas.

    - *But I do not like it when others go off of hunches, I want the exact from others.

    • OUTSPOKEN: Yes & No.

    - WORK: *I'm hardly outspoken because I lack confidence in myself and am hesitant (even though I know I'm right)
    - lacking of confidence though could be more personal, I'm very smart, did not graduate HS, so this is more of a mental thing possibly. I'm tricking my mind and own capabilities
    - I actually work in Human Resources & am internally proud of where I made it with no education. *

    - Internally think "no I'm right! But whatever,*think what you want"*
    OR think "I'm right", but then see other views

    - Reaction: this is MANY factors.
    ~ Depends on how close I am with the person: If I am extremely close & comfortable, the person will probably hear my view points (I like to be right)

    ~ How inferior do I feel with them?
    ~ Do I respect what they say & trust
    ~ Do I feel the stuff they say is stupid
    ~ Do I feel I'm smarter & would win the conversation
    ~ Are they smarter and more insightful and I would learn? So approach in a respectful manner with being intrigued.*

    ~ Depends on their own personality
    ~ the type that can't look at other views & actually don't live reality, I just agree & let it be

    HUMOR: I need humor in my life.

    I'm quirky, can laugh & entertain myself & others. My jokes aren't comedian funny to be published & make money off of. They are more of a "wtf",*crossed the line with it being off the wall, silly & goofy.



    Hmm, not really sure honestly?*
    - I've always been the type to want to have fun, so I never internally reflected & pushed for this and went with the flow, dealt with it so I could have fun & escape.
    - I've learned this made me seem weak, no value to my mind so others did not understand me & thought maybe I'm non-sense. But no, I've always paid attention to others, I may not of acted what I thought, but my mind was going & I was deciding what NOT to become more of.*

    - ADULT: *this is changing a lot & realized I strongly believe in ethics & morals.
    - Don't laugh at others if they have a disability, those are the most genuine & real people.

    TREATMENT: it's called being CORDIAL! With limits.*

    I don't think everyone is good AND bad. I think we're all lunatics, have issues and can manipulate. It's life as much as it sucks.*
    - some just show their bad side more
    - some show a good side, but it's fake
    - some are good and bad
    - its the vibe.*

    - HONESTY: I've always been a pretty honest person, but I'm learning to actually speak it more (when I'm bothered or asked for an opinion)

    - I do believe in at times we have to manipulate our way though (oddly)
    - But I do not like evil manipulation, even though I'm fully capable of it.*
    Done ethically.*

    *I**don't have any high personal values as in religion..*



    ~ Outgoing & quirky
    - I can mold to almost any situation & person
    - Adaptable*
    - fun
    - openness, I can talk of anything & everything, people then also open up

    - Anything with people*
    - Investigating stuff if I'm ever curious of something*
    - *Sportbikes & race cars, guns adrenaline
    - white water rafting sounds fun. I wanna try it
    - Learning & seeing new things
    - Using my hands & putting stuff together
    - technology, I can put together stuff & have torn stuff apart to fix it if need be
    - getting dirty
    - Being fun with someone, bantering & picking on each other in a fun manner
    - Dance clubs*
    - the sun & beaches
    - BBQ's!!'
    - Baseball games & drinking a beer with nachos!*
    - One on one time with people close in my heart & I respect.*
    - Movies (drama, suspense, real stories & comedy)

    I like active stuff but I am not athletic ,I'm a klutz! But grasp onto grounds of basketball or football. *


    As much as I am about having fun, I still want to learn too while having fun (deep inside)

    I think I love 'fun' so much because there's laughter & diversity, feel good, carefree and freedom, easy going.*

    But get bored with people who only want to have 'fun' where they need to be fake like a high status quo & fake popular - life in the fast city type.. (if that all made sense)& they don't want to learn anything new while having fun & can help me grow & I help them.*

    Then I go into shut down mode & hibernate, self reflect looking for more..

    Then I'm right back to fun because I'm bored & want action.*

    I love to talk & when I do it's random stuff or talking to someone of their issues. *I love random talk that flows and keeps going.

    But With the random conversations where it's only a couple words & nothing to it, I get bored & lose interest. (genuine true conversations, they are not teaching me something & challenging my mind or just intriguing & meaning).

    I am really intrigued and value the person if they are quick to teach, dominating approach & quick mind, humorous (actually witty) and full of excitment.*

    I hate pulling teeth for conversations.. Flow - YES!

    I lose all patience when I have to re-explain something and someone just can't read between the lines and "not get it"


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    One of the best gifts I've ever received:
    Two books from someone who got me & had faith in my curiosity.

    Books on religion began (I don't believe in it but am curious)

    He even wrote: You're never alone. May this answer some of your many questions & curiosity.

    Continue to always question, keep an open mind & above all enjoy

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    Omfg how long did that take to write?
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    Something about you says you have an ENFP buried in you. Are you male or female? I'm getting female off of you.

    EDIT: Duh, female.

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    I couldn't read all of it but I got the feeling that she may be an enfp who's rejecting certain things about her that she perceives to be lame.

    Not all enfps are all rainbows and lil ponies... Glitter yes... Glitter is a must but fuck a bunch of ponies.
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    I guess I *could* buy ENTP, but all those bullet points look like glitter to me. What don't you like about Sci-Fi Fantasy?

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    Right that does seem odd not to like sci fi. Maybe she not enfp haha no seriously... Maybe she's not.. Maybe she is entp or estp like I said way too long for me ATM I'm folding laundry haha
    There can’t be any large-scale revolution until there’s a personal revolution, on an individual level. It’s got to happen inside first.
    -Jim Morrison

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    Hours - I can get consumed :-/

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    Fake Sci-fi is too unrealistic and I can't connect with it. I think it's silly. Fake -> monsters with coca cola bottles of their heads going 'roar'. Fantasy worlds of fairies, find it boring. Cool to dress up in for Halloween.

    I'm huge on seeing is believing.

    I don't believe in god. I think there could be other life. Once we're done - we're gone.

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    I'm not a glitter person. I don't own anything glittery that I can think of.

    My friend is in-love with the be-dazzler, I am not! I find it tacky - glittery .. But I love going along with the jokes with her

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