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Thread: Some help typing me?

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    ... I noticed something today that I thought I would share with you guys.
    When I'm talking to people I don't know very well--such as you guys--I speak using very proper speech and grammar, or at least I come off as trying to speak that way, I think. Which I think may lead me to often being mistyped by other people as an ISFP.
    However, when I'm talking with my friends I'm much more laid-back. Such as (this is going to be slightly uncomfortable for me to post actually...) a conversation I had with my boyfriend a few months ago regarding my birthday presents via Facebook. He's an INTP and wrote me some stories. He said "I don't think they're very good." I said "WHATCHU TALKIN BOUT BOI, THEY'RE FLAWLESS" and he goes "... WHATCHU TALKIN BOUT GURL, THEY'RE MEDIOCRE AT BEST" and I go "WHATCHU TALKIN BOUT BOI, WE READING THE SAME STORIES HURR? THEY'RE AMAZINGFUL NO ARGUING :PPPP"
    I feel like my behavior in my head and around people I know very well is a lot different than posting like this online, or speaking to people I'm not very familiar with. Could this lead to mistyping, or does my behavioral differences actually relate to a certain type?

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    /edited out the link for the video, wasn't going to leave it up for too long for internet safety reasons. If you want to watch it and tell me what you think I am, post and I'll put it up again.
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