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Thread: Type senza

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starry View Post
    It's weird because there are two people on this site I can think of off the top of my head...that have their type listed as INFP 4w5...that I actually believe are ISFP 9w8s...but with you the opposite is true. There's something very distinct to me with regards to the ISFP 9w8 that I haven't really thought my way through so I shouldn't really be posting this... still if you identify more with the integration/disintegration pathways of the 9 then I would definitely look at that.
    Heh. Yeah, if I were a 9, I'm pretty sure I'd have a 1 wing rather than an 8 wing. I can be fairly assertive if I choose and I have my moments of aggression but I don't think that necessarily points towards w8.

    With 4w5, well, I like art and an occasional sulk, but I don't know if that's sufficient basis for the 4 diagnosis. I do get very jealous whenever I see someone doing something I think I do well even better than me. I don't know if that's driven by a desire for uniqueness or a desire to avoid incompetence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasofy View Post
    You should listen to Glycerine and ignore everyone else. She types people really well.
    And you may want to consider a Tri Type as a best fit. You seem to combine En 4,5 and 9 characteristics.
    Here's a link to the descriptions:
    Yeah, @Glycerine has always struck me as one of the most perceptive and thoughtful posters on TypeC, and I very much appreciate her input.

    As for tritype, I already identified mine as 459, but I don't actually like the idea of tritype that much. It seems like a way to enable indecisiveness to me. That's all well and good when you're looking for reassurance rather than answers, but it doesn't suit my goals at present. I think concretely identifying basic fears and defence mechanisms is a great first step to growth, fulfillment, and the way to Candy Mountain. I'd much rather deal with the issue head on rather than shelter behind more vague possibilities in an attempt to avoid making a decision.

    @BlackCat, whose opinions I value, suggested 9 because my personality is kind of fluid and amorphous. I don't particularly like thinking of it that way but I suppose there's some truth to the assessment.

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    To expand on my previous post, you seem very passive/peaceful/calm... on the surface but seem to be driven by strong ideals/perfectionism deep down. At least that's the sense I got from when you spoke of school and such. Pertaining to e4, you never struck me as one to be on a turbulent identity journey (or at least not as the major theme in your life). Especially with e4 INFPs, there always seems to be a sense of an internal conflict pertaining to one's identity. At best, they grace and demonstrate their "unique" talents to the world but at worst, they become jaded, cynical tortured souls.

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    On reading the 9 description again, I realized E9 pretty much sums up everything I dislike most about myself. I identify with bits of other enneagram types, but those are the parts of myself that I like rather than dislike.

    So 9w1 it is.

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