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Thread: Guess My Type based on an interview

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    Default Guess My Type based on an interview

    Start at the top and read down, toward the end he gives away the answer.
    "I absorb energy like a sponge everywhere I go. It allows me to see the world and my purpose in it." Zak Bagans, Ghost Adventures (INFJ)

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    I know it says in a couple places that you are an ENFJ, but before I seen that I would have guessed ENFP. Well, it's very close so I would say either one of them.
    "I have damaged my intellect trying to imagine why a man should want to invent a repeating clock, and how another man could be found to lust after it and buy it. The man who can guess these riddles is far on the way to guess why the human race was invented--which is another riddle which tires me."

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