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Thread: Hey all. Type the n00b.

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    Cool Hey all. Type the n00b.

    So here I am. I am a n00b here, but not to the 16 type system, which I've known about since 1998. I was first an INTJ, then an INFJ, then several other things, in my own mind and in the mind of others. Vehement self-proclaimed type experts have insisted I'm any of the following types: INTJ, INFJ, ISTP, INTP, ENTP, and INFP. No other type has ever been claimed by me or others, except in Socionics, for what that is worth.

    Things about me:

    * always interested in trying to understand what life is all about
    * excel in academics
    * love participating in/watching many kinds of sports, especially basketball, MMA, weightlifting, and running
    * enjoy a wide variety of music, especially prog rock, trip hop, and industrial
    * failed epically as a receptionist and paralegal despite all my school success
    * don't deal well with traditional cultural expectations of what women are like in most ways
    * can lose myself daydreaming and thinking for hours, or just researching whatever I want, whenever
    * bored by parties, clerical detail, and too much everyday/feeling talk
    * organized in my interests and personal plans, not so much at work, although it depends on the topic there, too

    A video of me:

    Pics of me in different states: athletic kickbutt crazy hair neutral nerdy happy

    Anything else, just ask.

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    I can't watch your video right now, and I don't have a strong guess yet, but somehow I get an NT vibe. Probably INTJ, but not enough to go on yet.

    I'm going to watch your video later, and I'm sure I'll have more input then.

    Also, I love Front 242, so... cool username. And welcome.

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    Ha, thanks. I don't meet a whole lot of people who even know about them, so sweet.

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    Ok. Just watched the video. I don't have time to give an in-depth analysis, but I get a very strong sense that you're INTJ.

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    INTJ's supposedly have the easiest time determining their type. The fact that you went through a lot of different types suggests you aren't one.

    I think you might be an ISTP.

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    Your style strikes me as a more INTP-oriented type. After watching the video I am almost certain you are a introverted thinking - extraverted intuitive type. INTJs in general have a similarly-intelligent yet distinguishable sense of style. There are a lot of variables of course, but that is my NT opinion. Welcome to the forum.

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