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    Default Try typing this profile

    *John = John Doe

    John is a rather eccentric fellow on the outside, he's apperance is casual, blue jeans and a t shirt most of the time. His hair usually looks as if he pays no mind to it except to wash it.

    When it comes to John's mannerisms he appears to be quite random. He bounces from one thing to another. Such as working on a math problem to asking you a question about your weekend to back on the problem . He also has a tendacy to zone out when bored and retreat into his own head. He also appears energetic on some days and bored on others.

    John Doe on the inside through is quite organized. His an excellent planner when he needs to be, but has a bad streak. An example would be like Lelouch of the Code Geass Series or Dr. House . Through a majority of the time he is thinking in the moment. He's apathetic on the inside. He may be laughing, but he does not feel the laughter.

    John doe is an exteremly talented manipulator and negoatior. He knows how to manipulate, he knows how to lie. He even does it for fun sometimes. His motto is "When I plan I never fail, I just adapt"

    Through John doe sounds bad, he's a good person as well. He hates nasty people and has a softer side towards truely caring people. John doe through extroverted appearing does not think he has friends. He can deal with being alone for a long while. He hates seeing people sad, well atleast good people in his opinion.

    John Doe tends to feel first, ask questions later. He may hear bad news of some kind, suffer through the effect of it and later learn that the bad news was a hoax. However he tends to be a Dr. Jackyl and Mr. Hylde almost when it comes to emotions.

    Confidence in preparation is John doe's style, part of the time.

    John doe when it comes to things such as music and art tends to be rather reserved. He has what he'd listen too with others around and when alone. Same with Art as well.

    My aimed type description of the above post is ^

    INTJ 5 x 4 SP/SX

    Anyone care to say this sounds like something else?
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    Well for starters, this
    Through a majority of the time he is thinking in the moment.
    is classic Se and not at all consistent with INTJ.

    I'm not sure there are enough details to type accurately but he sounds XSTP, possibly xSFP. Most of that description (minus the manipulating stuff) fits me pretty well, as an ISTP 6w5.
    -end of thread-

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