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Thread: Guess my type!

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    Default Guess my type!

    Any help would be appreciated. I’m just starting to learn about MBTI, and I’m having a really hard time trying to figure out what I am. I seem to get a different type every time I take a test (I realize they’re not that accurate, that’s why I’m here) or ask a friend. I’m almost positive I’m a very strong F, that’s the only one I’m fairly sure about.

    These are the two that I keep coming across in my tests. I listed the character traits for each type that I feel describe me (+) and then the ones that do not (-). To be clear, the traits in the (-) section do NOT fit me. These traits might be stereotypes or totally wrong, feel free to correct me.

    INFP+ Highly empathetic, always roots for the underdog, thoughtful and considerate, good listener, do not like conflict, flexible and laid-back
    INFP- Do not like to deal with facts and logic, idealistic (this is the main one, I’m very realistic and down to earth), “dreamy”/off in their own little world
    ISFP+ Quiet and reserved, warm, do not give themselves enough credit, procrastinate. I’ve heard that they’re the most extroverted of the introverts, and I feel like I’m on the border of introvert/extrovert.
    ISFP- Artistic, creative, oversensitive, close minded/not very open to learning new things. I’ve heard them called “emo” and “flower children” – not me at all.
    My friend who is obsessed with MBTI thinks I’m ISTJ. Also, on another forum, some of the members think I’m ENFJ or ESFJ.

    A little more information about me – I’m practical, I don’t tend to let feelings cloud my judgment, I don’t get offended easily. I’m emotional but not overtly so (you’ll probably never know when I’m sad), but I can’t hide when I’m annoyed or when I don’t like someone. My default mood is happy. I’m not terribly sentimental or romantic, I wouldn’t call myself creative in the least bit.

    I normally follow rules, but I like to know why a rule exists and if I feel that it doesn’t make sense or is just plain dumb, I don’t have a problem ignoring it. I’m not much of a planner, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants whenever I can. I once booked a trip to Greece after thinking about it for around 20 seconds and with less than $100 in my bank account. I like having deadlines because that’s the only way anything will get done. I will probably wait until the very last second before that deadline to start on a project.

    I will go out of my way to help someone if they need it, I feel like it's my purpose in life to help people (hence, strong F). I’ve always identified as an introvert, but after reading about personality types, I’ve realized that I’m more of an extrovert than I’ve always thought. I like being around people, I don’t feel the need to “recharge” by being alone, I will never pass up an invitation to hang out with friends, even people I don’t know very well. However, I’m shy and quiet and not very talkative...although now that I think about it, when I'm around good friends, you can't shut me up.

    I really don't know if any of this information is helpful. I'll be honest, I still don't understand dominant/Se/Fi etc. If you do try to decipher all this crap I fed you, you're amazing! Thanks in advance!

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    Based on what you've said, I think ESFP sounds the most likely. Not needing to recharge by being alone is a clear indicator of extroversion, and practicality and being down-to-earth indicates sensing. If you think you're a very strong feeler, I'm going to assume that you are. And what you described about not being a planner and wanting deadlines because that's the only way you'll get things done, that definitely sounds like you're a perceiving type, thus ESFP.

    If you want to be sure, you could take this cognitive functions test: I know you said you don't understand the functions, but if you post your results I can tell you what they mean.

    And if you ever get interested in the enneagram, 2w1 would be my best guess.

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    Thanks for replying! I took an enneagram test a few days ago and got 2w1, so good job on that.

    On the test you gave me, I got ESFP.
    extraverted Sensing (Se) (34.2)
    good use
    introverted Sensing (Si) (28.6)
    average use
    extraverted Intuiting (Ne) (32.2)
    good use
    introverted Intuiting (Ni) (19.1)
    limited use
    extraverted Thinking (Te) (22.2)
    limited use
    introverted Thinking (Ti) (18.1)
    limited use
    extraverted Feeling (Fe) (43.5)
    excellent use
    introverted Feeling (Fi) (41.3)
    excellent use

    I still don't totally get the differences between Se/Si, Te/Ti, but the results make sense. I think I'm hesitant to call myself an extrovert because they're known to be the life of the party, they tend to be loud and talkative, and that's not me. I'm very reserved, I don't usually approach people I don't know. Reading ESFP forums, I don't feel like I fit in there. I know that shy extroverts exist in theory, but I don't know any.

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    Hmm...Actually, your results seem to indicate ISFP (Fi Se Ni Te) more than ESFP (Se Fi Te Ni). Based purely on the function order, ESFJ (Fe Si Ne Ti) would also be possible, though considering the description you gave, ISFP or ESFP are more likely. However, using the tertiary opposite trick, since Ti is your worst function, that should make Te your tertiary, which would make you ESFP. But since Ni and Ti are pretty close, your tertiary could also be Ne, which would make you ESFJ. This is a bit tricky to decipher.

    I would suggest doing more research on introversion/extroversion, as well as the functions, especially Fe and Fi. I think this site could be a good starting place, since it helped me understand the differences between the functions. A list of characteristics is easier to grasp than a long detailed description, at least for me anyways.

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    Strange, the order on that website was ESFP, ISFP, then ENFP. But I do think based on their descriptions, ISFP fits me best. I just don't think I fit many of the stereotypes. Thanks for your help!

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    Based on the info so far my best guess would be ESFX,
    I was wondering if you are an organised person and tidy person or more of the opposite.
    When you do tidy, why do you tidy?
    Also in regards to the Introversion/Extroversion i would ask if you deliberately take short bursts of time out (i.e to refresh yourself, replenish your energy) or if you tend to spend large quanities of time alone regularly. And what would be the reason for this?
    I think the reasoning behind actions are just as valid as the actions themselves, if not more so.

    edit: i'd also go with a 2...not sure of the wing...poss 3 (2w3)
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