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    Sigh, forget it. Lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    I don't know how much time I will have to put into this thread. The rules are, please don't read anyone elses answers until you have submitted your contribution. Then feel free to type others as well.

    Okay this is supposed to take the mbti question and add a new interpretive way of typing people from them.

    What YOU do:

    1) Post the mbti questions for whatever test you take.

    2) In one sentence, rephrase the question in your own words, as you read the question.

    3) In one sentence, provide a brief explination for your answer.

    To score, you do not look at the answer itself, you look at the function used to answer the question. Note the function used. At the end, tally up what you believed the functions were. 8-Te, 3-Ne, etc.

    Put the functions in order from most to least, and that's the type.

    Over and out.
    This sounds interesting enough. I wouldn't mind giving it a go, but what would be REALLY helpful is if you gave us a set of questions first.
    Reserved RCUEI

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    I'll type up the keirsey questions this weekend if I can find my book.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post

    Which would be worse, to have your head in the clouds or be stuck in a rut?

    For kicks, as I was making coffee this morning I asked my brother that question.
    He said, "Only an asshole would answer such a stupid question."

    My family is a tough jury.

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    Out of curiosity, is your brother ESTP?

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    Alright these are thirty five out of seventy questions from Please Understand Me II. I thought we should start small.

    1)Do you feel better about

    coming to closure
    keeping your options open

    2)Are you more comfortable in making

    value judgments
    critical judgments

    3)Would you say you are more

    serious and determined
    easy going

    4)With people are you usually more

    gentle than firm
    firm than gentle

    5)Do you usually want things

    just penciled in
    settled and decided

    6)Is it easier for you to

    identify with others
    put others to good use

    7)Are you inclined to be more

    leisurely than hurried
    hurried than leisurely

    8)In stories, do you prefer

    action and adventure
    fantasy and heroism

    9)Do you tend to choose

    somewhat impulsively
    rather carefully

    10)Are you drawn more to


    11)Do you prefer to work

    just whenever
    to deadlines

    12)Do you prize in yourself

    a strong hold on reality
    a vivid imagination

    13)When finishing a job, do you like to

    move on to something else
    tie up all loose ends

    14)Are you more inclined to feel
    somewhat removed
    down to earth

    15)In most situations are you more

    deliberate than spontaneous
    spontaneous than deliberate

    16)Are you more likely to trust

    your experiences
    your conceptions

    17)Are you prone to

    exploring the possibilities
    nailing things down

    18)Do you more often see

    what's right in front of you
    what can only be imagined

    19)Do you more often prefer

    final unalterable statements
    tentative preliminary statements

    20)Are you inclined to take what is said

    more literally
    more figuratively

    21)On the job, do you want your activities


    22)Do you speak more in

    particulars than generalities
    generalities than particulars

    23)Are you more satisfied having

    a finished product
    work in progress

    24)Are you more frequently

    a fanciful sort of person
    a practical sort of person

    25)Do you prefer contracts to be

    settled on a handshake
    signed, sealed, and delivered

    26)Children often do not

    exercise their fantasy enough
    make themselves useful enough

    27)Is it your way to

    pick and choose at some length
    make up your mind quickly

    28)Common sense is

    usually reliable
    frequently questionable

    29)Is clutter in the work place something you

    tolerate pretty well
    take time to straighten up

    30)Do you find visionaries and theorists

    rather fascinating
    somewhat annoying

    31)Do you see yourself as basically



    illustrate principles
    speak for themselves

    33)Which do you wish more for yourself

    strength of emotion
    strength of will

    34)Do you like writers who

    say what they mean
    use metaphors and symbolism

    35)Are you swayed more by

    a touching appeal
    convincing evidence

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    I'm going to start a thread entitled: Stupid test questions that insult the intelligence.

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    Did you read the thread?!?! Lol!

    Its not about the questions. People can answer whatever they want. Hell, if they want to post how they interpret Teen Magazine's How Good Are You in Bed quiz, it wouldn't make a difference.

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    Wait . . is it . . yes, no, yes . . . it is. Hot damn! She's getting a sense of humor!

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    Uh oh, do I have to say something funny?

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