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    New manager. I've worked with her on projects before, but now I report to her.

    She is very nice and gives lots of affirmation, she is soft-spoken, but very very thorough and competent at what she does. She comes across sweet at first, I think in meetings people might underestimate her until she starts talking about work, then you know that she knows what she is talking about. She also seems to read the dynamic of situations. She remembers details very well and is very skilled at putting things together to a final product: a lot of the projects she ends up working on do not have a clear protocol, but she has an idea of where she wants things to go, and works through to that point. She is very organized and professional and sooooo productive.

    Seems she is probably an introverted feeler. I don't know about P/J or S/N. What do you think?
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    I think she seems like an extroverted feeler, xxFJ. If she's very productive, gives lots of affirmation, and reads the dynamic of situations (do you mean social situations?), then that seems to indicate Fe. Also, it's hard to tell from the little information you've given, but she seems like a practical person with good memory for details, which points toward a sensing type. I can't guess on the introversion/extroversion yet, so I would say xSFJ.

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    I would guess ISFJ as well but idk for sure.

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    @JocktheMotie and @amerellis - what is your reasoning?
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    The thorough and detail oriented nature makes me think ISFJ. As a NFJ, I hate thoroughly planning out details for events and projects.

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    Immediate thought was xxFJ, most likely ISFJ. She sounds Fe, not Fi.

    I think the attention to detail would indicate xSFJ.
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