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Thread: Getting there, need opinions.

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    Default Getting there, need opinions.

    I have become fascinated with MBTI recently and I am ranging from INFP to INTP to some kind of SP. I have taken the 'keys2cognition' cognitive profile test, as well as more general MBTI tests, and the result went Fi/Ne/Si/Se. Weirdly though, on the UClassify writing classifier, I got 90% thinking when I put a wad of my journal into it. This post is also 81% thinking, lol. Tell me whats going on here...

    About me: I like art. In particular any kind of fine drawing, or any sculpture. Also movies. I like movies that are dreamy and reflective, or minimal. Art is pretty important to me so I read the history of it and criticism. To a lesser extent I like philosophy. And in my own imagination I find myself visualising processes (that is, I imagine some kind of process, but the meaning is rather mysterious >>) Until now.. because let me tell you, they are uncannily similar to some of the cognitive processes I've been reading about. And these images have been with me well before I started learning about any of this. Anyway, I really like novels with a transcendental feel, such as Moby Dick and Austerlitz, and the writers Vonnegut and Dostoevsky. You could say art is about the only thing that gets me fired up (or perhaps understand ^^,)
    I used to be a raving atheist but something in me changed and I learnt to appreciate religion as being similar to art, and that we all have spiritual cravings so its all good. Also, I flit from one thing to the next very easily, and tend to develop by revisiting things after a break (fresh perspective). I don't think I have that great social skills, people find me extremely enigmatic but believe me lol, Its not a defense mechanism (I'm a ditz); whilst by all accounts I am articulate, no one would describe me as rational. I like being polite and appropriate, because it shows my respect for others, and don't like provocation. I tend to be very inquisitive when I meet people, but struggle to find a connection with them, and slowly run out of things to ask them. Socially, I think I'm quite shallow. I know I don't use Fe, but I definately care a lot about people. Another point is that I sometimes daydream about sportsmanship, so actually its stacking up towards S over N now.. Hmmm. Maybe I'm even an E.

    Ok, I'll let you guys attack this now. *runs and hides*
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    Welcome to the forums. My first impression is that you seem INFP, but rather than speculate I'd like to direct you to the following type descriptions:


    If you've seen them I apologize. Otherwise, I'd take a look at them to see which one clicks (if any). I haven't linked them all, but you can get to the rest from here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonnyboy View Post
    I haven't linked them all, but you can get to the rest from here.

    The link... it does not appear to work...

    On topic: I'd vote for INFP, but I'm not an expert in helping others type themselves and I'm sure someone will come along to actually help.

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    The 'ENFP gone wrong' sounds just like an ex-GF I've had I don't think its me though.

    The INFP seemed quite close to the mark. I'm not theoretical enough to be an INTP, plus it didn't really mention sensitivity or aesthetic appreciation in that one. I really dig the INFP part about them making great writers. I've always believed in myself as a writer. On the other hand there is the ISFP which is about creativity and aesthetic appreciation, which is my main interest.
    INFJ might actually be me deep down though. My life is out of control at the moment. They seem to have both aesthetic sensitivity, as well as the intuition of a creative thinker that has the routine that can lead to intellectual rigour. Those are kind of the two sides of me (Ideally, but nowhere near in practice yet).

    TY for the links, I'm so glad I found this forum. Navel-gazing was never so much fun.
    I think thats all the speculation I can do for myself. Only time will give me the answer now.

    Ps. When I read the type 4 of the enneagram, I felt like it was a pretty good description of my life in general.

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    One of the most sensitive guys I know is an INTP. He is so sweet, like a little bunny rabbit. Not necessarily theoretical. I think that all/most N's are theoretical, but maybe in different ways. Anyway, INFP sounds pretty accurate. That transcendental feel that you like guided me to that idea.

    And most sensors I know wouldn't even consider being an intuitive.
    Excuse me, but does this smell like chloroform to you?

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    What makes you think SP, specifically? I didn't see anything pointing that way and a few things that suggest N, but at this point it could go either way. You do seem Fi-dom.
    -end of thread-

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