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Thread: Michael Westen: ISTP or INTJ?

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    Default Michael Westen: ISTP or INTJ?

    Which is he?

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    I'd say ENTJ. Fi is clearly his weak point. He's really focused on the external, but yeah, a total NTJ.
    Low N, due to a life spent under immediate real life stress where he's not had much time to think about a lot of stuff that is not survival, life or work-related.
    However, his intuition when it comes to people and the life around him has been finely tuned, as well as his Extroverted Sensing.
    Just because a guy has technical proficiency he isn't an ISTP. I'm a good technician for example, and i'm as far from an ISTP as can be.

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    I used to think ISTP, but he does have this rigid purposefulness toward getting his job back. He has a core goal and he refuses to bulge.

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