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Thread: More Type Confusion... ENTP or INTP?? *bangs head against computer*

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    Question More Type Confusion... ENTP or INTP?? *bangs head against computer*

    So I have been pondering being an ENTP, thanks to taking tests, and noticing traits in myself. But Given this analysis, I don't really notice that I have the energetic charge that I think ENTPs have, or atleast what I hear they have. I have been called charming, passionate, engaging etc but perhaps it's due to my enneagram stacking or just a temporary stint in extraversion, or if I actually am an ENTP. I certainly wouldn't see myself as one following "traditional' guidelines for an extrovert i.e. - having lots of friends etc, Though I wish I did have lots of friends or alteast a group of friends that I could call and get together with but that never seems to happen. If anything I think I scare people off. Thus, the purpose of this thread, I want your opinions, Instead of making a post going through point by point of various issues (though I can do that later, i'm frankly too lazy too atm), I'd rather post a video I made for another thread, and I guess I could post more later on, because I think it's fun and heh, it's a better medium to understand my personality, instead of reading words on a screen that could be misinterpreted.

    So the video is below... lets finally nail this type shit in a coffin? yeah????

    Part 1

    Part 2 (wouldn't upload properly to youtube so I used vimeo)

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    Oh, its

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    Quote Originally Posted by Idris View Post
    No, though I can see how you can derive this, I am certainly not one, I think what you're seeing is me being an NTP 5w4 and an sx at that.. that plus the nature of those questions = emotional response. But nah, certainly not NF territory. But I will admit NT 5w4's are an odd bunch... very odd.

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    I still think INTP, or less likely INFP. I don't think you're an E but I think the SX/SO stacking can make someone look more E due to a more energetic vibe.
    5w6 or 9w1 sp/so/sx, I think
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