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Thread: Pull out your best typing skills...they are required!

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    Throwing this into the mix, I stumbled across, I actually found these 4 temperments to be very telling and easy to relate to, my results were:

    Sanguine: 3

    Choleric: 15

    Melancholy: 15

    Phlegmatic: 7

    Made sense to me, I identified equally with Choleric and Melancholy, the description of those two combined summed me up nicely as well:

    "Strategist Pattern

    The Strategist is more detail oriented than the other Cholerics. They initiate change. They usually operate from a well-thought through plan. They have creative ideas. They will often use very direct, forceful and persistent methods to get results or promote their ideas. They want to be in charge because of confidence in their ability to make things happen the "right" way. They like to solve problems and make decisions¾and are actually quite able to do so. They usually have well thought-out goals and are very independent in an attempt to carry them out. They need to know exactly what is expected before they can function efficiently. They can be very forceful and very sensitive. They speak with authority and are usually very productive. When working on a project they exhibit sensitivity and strategy that reveals penetrating insight. To be highly motivated they need freedom, the opportunity for advancement, information that will help them get results and the chance to make something better. They dislike weakness."

    Doesn't seem to be a definitive correlation to this and MBTI, if anyone has looked into that on a deeper level, feel free to chime in.

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    The correlation with the temperaments would be:

    Action and leadership
    SJ Melancholic
    SP Sanguine
    NT Choleric
    NF Phlegmatic

    Social skills
    IST/INJ Melancholic
    EST/ENJ Choleric
    ISF/INP Phlegmatic
    ESF/ENP Sanguine

    So that each type is a blend between two temperaments (and for four types, it's actually a blend between the same type). On the other thread about this, the results are not perfect, but a lot of people do get the two corresponding temperaments as the strongest. Like INFJ's are Melancholy Phlegmatics (INJ+NF)

    Choleric Melancholy is ESTJ (EST+SJ) and Melancholy Choleric is INTJ (INJ+NT; another common match with these tests).

    I see ESTJ being mentioned a lot in this thread, so that would look like it from the temperaments (have to read your OP again). Either way, you would be an extraverted Thinker. So what we're looking at is if it is Si or Ni you prefer along with it, and if you're an extravert (Te is dominant).
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