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Thread: INTP vs. ISFJ-- the big showdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    I typically score 70-90% N on tests. Yet I still have reasons for doubting N as I listed earlier in this thread. Some of the S/N questions aren't that good and if you happen to be a highly intelligent, introspective individual, you might find yourself choosing the N option whether or not you're actually N.
    Still, just looking at it in terms of whether you're more focused on tangible reality or conceptual, it seems you are clearly more conceptual. Just to be trying to figure this stuff out so much. SJ's really cannot be but so bothered with it. That's one reason I have to be on these boards so much. No one around me is interested but so much. They'll read just enough to get a basic understanding, and then, the purpose is for growth, or team building, etc. Not theory for its own sake.

    So it seems you lean towards both the conceptual and the technical. Of course, you'll deal with the tangible and humane as well, but the focus seems to be the other way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuchIrony View Post
    I have considered INFJ and I know a couple of people who have suggested it for my type. Maybe I'm putting too much emphasis on cognitive functions, but I look at the INFJ profile, I just don't relate that much to dominant Ni. I consider myself an Ne user not an Ni user. I do relate somewhat to the auxiliary Fe/tertiary Ti part.
    ISFJs use inferior Ne, so it would be a weak point for you if you were ISFJ. It's more likely you just relate strongly to your tertiary and are INTP then.
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    If you cant live with the truth that mbti is a test of preference and doesnt function like a natural laws rulebook, but rather have to continue to search a type for you again and again and again question type descriptions because you are not sure if they 100% fit you and you discover from time even a new thing about a type description and gain a new insight, you are most probably intp.

    And you have a problem
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