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Thread: For the Last Time

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    With all due respect D, very little in the OP, in my opinion, pointed to an SJ temperament. Also, with the pic you posted, I don't think you actually read it.

    Not to mention, there are many people I have spoken to who think I am an N due to my ability to see what is actually going on vs all the shallow dynamics people get caught up in with the momentum of a situation.
    Thats fine. It's true, I had not read what you wrote, only briefly skimmed it. Not because I didn't care, I didn't feel it is necessary as it won't effect the information I had already collected on you. From the skimming I did, my view point of how you see yourself and how others see you remains the same.

    Ever considered the possibility of a you having a balance between the two? I think thats rather plausible in your case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gish View Post
    Well, you should be quite capable of typing yourself then.
    Yeah, I think I am an INTJ. This isn't the help me type myself thread, this is a what is my type thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    Thats fine. It's true, I had not read what you wrote, only briefly skimmed it. Not because I didn't care, I didn't feel it is necessary as it won't effect the information I had already collected on you. From the skimming I did, my view point of how you see yourself and how others see you remains the same.

    Ever considered the possibility of a you having a balance between the two? I think thats rather plausible in your case.
    I could see where someone may think I am equally balanced between S and N. The difference really would be in the temperament styles, in which seem to always point NT rather than SP or SJ. That I can have moments where I get out of my S and retreat to my N, but never moments of S without a heavy N influence.....

    If that makes any sense.

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    /end of thread

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    Let's see...

    E/I: x
    N/S: Based on the language you use, N
    T/F: Tish
    J/P: x

    xNTx, but I think it's somewhat obscured by your severe mental retardation, which primarily manifests in your obsession with your own type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    I love to theorize, just not about anything that is super important. Taking long hours theorizing how to act before doing it drives me crazy. By the time you act, what ever conclusion you came up with for three days ago is going to be less efficient, since by now the situation has likely changed somewhat.
    Not INTJ.

    Action oriented. Realistic. Doesn't announce conclusions. Does screw with people. Is ESTP.

    What type could she be? How could anyone know.
    Bellison uncorked a flood of horrible profanity, which, translated, meant, "This is extremely unusual."

    Boy meets Grr

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    Fe is in there, that much I can say with a sense of certainty. Your 8'ness obscures things to a certain extent.
    "Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one."
    Eleanor Roosevelt

    "When people see some things as beautiful,
    other things become ugly.
    When people see some things as good,
    other things become bad."
    Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

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    My impression: More E than I, X, T, more P than J.

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    Here are the posts from my original type me thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    I really have to say that I am probably ENTP almost all the time. But, when it comes down to interacting with others or integrating lifestyles, working on projects, I get very ENTJ. I love to finish ahead of the deadline just in case something doesnt go as planned and adjustments must be made there is plenty of time. If I am going out I have to make sure that all plans are set forth in advance. organized free time. Like mentally dropping your brain off at a day care where it will be safe.

    If I have to interact with people I make sure that their actions wont hinder me. I am not sure what that means. But inevitably I am called controlling by everyone. People take a stand against me for no reason at all in order to "prove" to me that I cant always get my way, but I am never getting my way only. I come up with plans that bennifit almost everyone in some way and the ones that are not bennifited remain at neutral. People dont trust me because I take control of situations.

    On the other hand, I would love to never have to. I would prefer that people take care of their own crap so I am more than satisfied going about my buisness in lala land than having to crac the whip all the time. I like to go off on a tangent and just go. Run with it. I hate having to stop during those moments and focus on details or carrying someone along behind me. I am perfectly fine interacting with people on temporary basis because as soon as we start to get close ENTJ comes out like michael jackson during thriller.

    The functions apply as well. Both were accurate to what I described here.

    I really do think I am ENTP not because I want to be but because I thought that if people knew I was ENTP they would have a better understanding of my thought process and who I was so I wouldn't have to sit back and explain myself all the time. For some reason I bring out the worst in people. I also thought it would help to understand other types,

    but inevitably I find myself disconnected in perception from what others see. usually that doesn't bother me any except that in my current RL situation, being able to precieve myself from the out side could be incredibly advantageous. I thought MBTI was a system but it doesn't really offer any more clarity does it?

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    And this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by ThatGirl View Post
    Hold on now, on the flip side, and there is a flip side. I can't stand people who are so far in one direction that they loose their perspective. Extreme Js are so in a box that I don't see much room for growth unless it is personal. Up against the NTJs that I know I seem very P. I give people the bennifit of the doubt beyone the average persons limits, but as I see it if there is a different explination, it should be explored. It is not until all avenues are exausted that I will say, yes this person is such and such. I find people fascinating in their rationality. I love to study them. I hold a very objective view of people as they don't pretain to me. It is not until it gets personal that the J side comes out.

    I love the freedom to explore as I see fit without having the standards of accountability. For instance while I may plan the primiter when I go out, I leave enough room in the middle for complete freedom of action. I am usually the life of the party, or you cant find me while I bounce around from person to person to see what makes them tick.

    Case and point, I go out with INTJ friend who prefers piano bars and classy stuff. We are at the club and she is miserable. I tell her "Do you know how many stories are floating around this place? If you just allow yourself you can have fun here and find it interesting." To prove my point I pick a random guy from the bar and sit down to talk to him. In under five min I found out that he had spent jail time for buying a cop lunch with counterfiet money. I thought that was hilarious and continued to analyze with INTJ on what would motivate a person to attempt such a thing. He knew the guy was a cop.

    I am very easy going if I don't have to get close to you. I am known for being wierd, creative, and "larger than life", motivated, dominating, not trustworthy, funny, not afraid to look like an idiot, objective, and easy going. I can't spell to save my life and I am not a linear thinker. I hate paper work.

    I dont understand how I get such mixed reactions.

    I don't believe everything is so concrete

    Even as a kid I was highly motivated to figure out the things others could do that I could not. I wanted to have all the skill and talent for myself so I could take it apart and understand it.. Not to one up but because I was fascinated and could only really use myself as research,

    Is the craving to learn, refine, and master everything, a feeling? Because if it is I am deffinatley a feeler.

    I think that is the most accurate discription I have ever given of myself in these last two posts, and I'm done.

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    I say TG is an ENTJ...

    YWIR.. You guys are very much alike from where I am standing.

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