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Thread: Unsure of type, help?

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    Unhappy Unsure of type, help?

    'ello, I was wondering if you all could help me figure out what my type might be? I have been testing for nearly a year now with different results. Quite confusing! Heh.

    About me:

    - People consider me shy, calm, quiet but nice...Yet, distant and, perhaps, strange.
    When I open up to people I can seem outgoing and silly.
    - I enjoy researching for pleasure, of anything that interests me.
    - Small talk is annoying but I know it can be useful in some situations.
    - Independence, space, and freedoms in general are required/preferred.
    - Honesty and truth are important to me, even if it were to cause pain.
    - I try to be accepting of the differences of individuals.
    - To comfort those in extreme distress; Being torn with empathy but stunned by being solid.
    - Not overly emotional in front of others. It tends to be overwhelming and embarrassing.
    I usually dislike when they are strong enough to cause loss of control.
    - Sensitive to only those I am close to (by their actions, words, and etc)
    - Affectionate towards those I trust but if someone (new) is decent I might consider extending.
    - Enjoy being able to help by using talents/knowledge/means
    - Have feelings when making decisions but I try seeing them as another reference point.
    - Attempt to be polite unless someone is disrespectful.
    - Dislike people who manipulate, "woe is me", and/or dramatic.
    - Not sure how to approach relationships. As in what to express in feelings, how often to contact, and etc.
    It comes out like a faucet when doing so and I worry about if I am doing things correctly...
    Due to past complaints of me being unemotional and not very expressive.
    - I am mixed about having emotions/feelings. I am not sure I always understand what I am experiencing. I analyze their cause to understand them further and to be prepared.
    - I am often lost in thoughts not too focused on the present.
    When I am required to be in the moment, I try to enjoy it all.

    If any of you need more information, let me know, I shall attempt to answer to the best of my ability. Thanks.

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    I'd guess INTP

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