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Thread: help me type my close friend!

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    Default help me type my close friend!

    I am 99.5% certain she is isxj.

    Compared to my isfj friend, she does not care about helping others, at all. That sort of thing makes her mad. She is not a giver or service-oriented. She is quick-tempered and very blunt, but can be kind and sentimental at times. She is very judgmental and hates it when people behave outside the social norm. For example, a couple of girls were singing from the balcony and it pissed her off. Most of this pushes me toward ISTJ. But, she loves to dance and wants to do something in films and be creative and sort-of free-spirited.

    She is very grounded and practical and does not have a wild range of emotions. She is self-controlled and a neat person. She does not like mundane routines. She wants to be spontaneous, but she is a bit of a rigid planner. We were roommates for a year and once we got closer, I thought we had certain temperament traits in common, although it took her a bit longer to be convinced. I was always the one with my philosophical talk and usually she would listen and make worthwhile comments.There are times when she has no idea what I am talking about. She is not shy of calling people bad names and pointing out flaws, but most of the time it is very deserving. She says things that I wouldn't because I try not to judge so quickly, but I secretly enjoy it very much and will laugh when she does it...a lot.

    She does not get along with other girls, hate superficiality like I do, and how girls whine and get catty. My ISFJ friend in contrast can deal with other girls and take it in stride and enjoy their companionship a lot and will go out of her way to help a friend. She tends to get stressed over little things and become a little ball of fury. It's very cute, if you are not in her range of fire. She likes doing things correctly and hates sloppy people. She is good with math and science, less so with writing and reading, but still gets mostly As in her classes. She is very close with her family and wants a family in the near future. Is she a creative-desiring ISTJ or just a not people-oriented ISFJ?


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    I'm not a good typer, but I don't see much pointing against your friend being an ISTJ.....

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    istj for sure.

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