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Thread: Which function does this behavior represent?

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    Default Which function does this behavior represent?

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    Sounds like Fe

    Whether it's dominant or auxillary is tough...that'll be the difference between IFJ and EFJ. Consider this quote from the bible:

    EFJs have a hard time understanding how people can get together without exchanging information about their lives. Unless they know real facts about people - where they grew up, where they live now, what they do for a living, what their family's like - they don't have enough data to relate to them.

    It should be noted that EFJs are not social butterflies in this regard. They're no more tolerant than Thinking types of "idle chit-chat" that simply passes time or keeps them from meeting their obligations. Feeling types are too conscientious to use time frivolously, and they invariable have a full dance card of responsibilities to others.

    If they're not serving on committees, they're meeting colleagues for lunch; visiting relatives; driving the kids to Scouts; making meals for a sick friend; attending graduations, school plays, and concerts; getting people together for celebrations, picnics, dinners, and so forth. EFJs are constantly reaching for their calendar or date book.

    It is this broad range of social interactions that separates EFJs from IFJs, although some of their behaviours look similar...IFJs experience themselves as helpers or nurturers, and they're guided by the immediate needs of the people around them. They tend to resist social leadership, particularly the onus of making decisions for a group, but will take a great deal of authority in a service position.

    EFJs, by contrast, experience themselves as coordinators who can anticipate and handle the needs that arise in the normal interplay of established relationships with others. This is what makes EFJs so good at careers in sales, teaching, and group motivation. They have no doubt that their way of organizing a situation will benefit all concerned, and they're good at making decisions and delegating tasks as required.
    Also consider the general differences between Introvert and Extravert.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you end up settling on ESFJ or ENFJ after all this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VagrantFarce View Post
    Sounds like Fe

    Whether it's dominant or auxillary is tough...that'll be the difference between IFJ and EFJ. Consider this quote from the bible:

    Also consider the general differences between Introvert and Extravert.
    As an ENFJ I think this could be better. I worry that it will only confuse LL more.

    The main issues are that:
    --NFJ Fe is directive, In Charge/Chart the course
    --SFJ Fe is informing, behind the scenes/get things going

    To me, they are worlds apart, almost like a different function. No function exists in a vacuum, and therefore you will only ever be able to describe Fe/Si and Fe/Ni. This elusive "vacuum Fe" doesnt exist (unless you are positive of your type and can describe your own functions perfectly).

    --SXJs are definite coordinators and are more likely to simply mirror and absorb what the group is doing. These are the people who even when the group is running perfectly fine, in no need for more help/perspective, will still want to join and get things shaking/take on work.

    --NFJs are more like the wise-old mentors who might offer a helping hand when the group is in need of some new perspective. I have read of other Fe/Ni people recognizing that they tend to offer balance to whatever the room is operating on. If its too left/right, maybe they offer some right/left (in hopes of getting everyone to agree on the middle). If its too anxious they desire to calm everyone down. If its too lazy, they may wish to provide a spark. In this sense they are sort of mirroring, but they are mirroring themselves as they turn the group to where it needs to be.

    Te or Fe - reliance on the external environment for energy
    Te or Fe - need for feedback/support/opinions from others as opposed to self
    SJ - self mirrors the outside environment (positive ---> positive person; negative ---> negative person)
    could be XSXJ or XNFJ - need to assist others and help them grow and develop --> deriving purpose from helping others
    XSXJ or XNXJ - ability to instinctively know what others need in almost every teaching situation, leading to the ability to reach people
    Te, Fe or Se/Ti - an innate perfectionism in all matters that deal with other people
    I still think the information you provided could be Te or Fe. None of it seems to exclude the other. I would read these and think about what thoughts tend to run your life: (try to identify which possible two you identify with...for instance I identify with both the Fe and Ni ones).

    Not Cognitive Processes

    Philosophical Exegesis

    Functions arent skills either. You can be a social retard Fe and a time managekment disaster Te. They are more like orientations/world views that purvey you life even when it "appears" that you are "engaging another function" due to the task at hand. For example, a Fe person maintains the Fe worldview and doesnt suddenly "shift gears" when she goes sky diving.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    I worry that it will only confuse LL more.
    I'm not sure that's possible.

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