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Thread: What's my type - thread no. #398234

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    Default What's my type - thread no. #398234

    After a few hundred posts, I'd like to know what you think. Most of you may not know me, by which I mean you didn't read more than one or two posts from me. If that is the case, please don't vote.

    If you dislike me or have any problems with me, please try to be objective and focus on the question at hand. You can still express these things in private.

    As for my type: sometimes I feel like I'm a little too messy (P) or too loud (E) for an INTJ. I also don't relate to the INTJs I met online. I'm getting angry much easier than other INTJs.

    I think I'm more comfortable with my Te than my Ni, and though I generally dislike people and need time alone, I also feel a need to connect with them, which I usually repress. Plus, it's confusing to know how much I differ from (other) ENTJs I know.

    So what do you think? The most possible types are marked above. Thanks for helping me!

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    Couple things:

    Sometimes it's easy to downplay primary perceiving processes because they are a far more passive, "always on" type of thing while a judging process typically involves a little more conscious awareness. Thus, a lot of primary Ni users are more used to actively evaluating the information they get on a constant basis and so tend to notice their judging process as the one they're actually "using." This differs a little bit from say, INTPs, who can be so Ti it's not even funny.

    Also, you could just be a Te-dom INTJ, much like Edgar. I've never been one to subscribe to hard coded functional hierarchies: I think there is wiggle room allowed to preserve the general description of types over the functional preferences. People are different, their functional expressions will differ.

    I did not vote as I don't know you that well, but I will be paying more attention to your posts with your thread topic in mind. The above are just some things to think about.

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    What's your understanding of Ni and Te?

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    Jock: I never knew that primary functions are less easier to notice because they're "always on", interesting.

    VagrantFarce: It does not differ from the "common" functional descriptions. I think I have a decent knowledge on both Ni and Te. Why do you ask?
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    You've always struck me as more INTJ than anything else, but I don't know you that well either. Do you want me to vote?

    I agree with JocktheMotie that you may not be noticing your dominant function as much as your others. Because it's most natural, you can take it for granted. When I was working out my type, I thought I was INTP because I noticed that I used Ti and Ne, and I could name instances. What I was failing to realise was that I was probably noticing these because they differed from the default NiTe mode.

    Things like too messy or too loud or easily angered don't mean much, IMO. People vary a lot within a type; it's perfectly possible to be INTJ and all of these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Litvyak View Post
    VagrantFace: It does not differ from the "common" functional descriptions. I think I have a decent knowledge on both Ni and Te. Why do you ask?
    To know if you're wrong or not. Nothing worse than misunderstandings to lead you astray.

    What do you think is the "common" description for Te and Ni?

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    Ni: To see the unseen, to develop by envisioning a "better version" of myself, to be attracted to "mystical" things, to "know" things without having clear evidence (to others, I mean) and to act on instincts, the ability to easily "compress and decompress" metaphors etc.

    Te: "Backup" process to turn Ni's holistic yet abstract views into reality, organize things for maximal efficiency, create an impact on the outer world based on the inner world, logical thinking and pointing out logical fallacies etc.

    This is what comes to mind when you're talking about Ni or Te.

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    Do you recognize this behaviour in yourself? How do Tertiary-Fi and Inferior-Se affect your behaviour?

    I ask these simple questions because the reasons you give for doubting your type seem pretty trivial, and the spectrum of possible types you've chosen for the poll is huge.

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    I see Te as a tool for something more important, but I don't think I have "enough Ni" for an INTJ. It's hard to explain, it almost seems like I'm "organizing for nothing", and that I've lost my long-term vision. Big words I know, but that's how I feel.

    Tertiary Fi is usually out of control - it's there, but it's either everything or nothing. I can't seem to use it for anything constructive, I feel a slight dislike towards this process. As for Se, I'd really like to master it, but I can't help thinking that it's only the "caveman's evolutional heritage" or something.

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    Quoting from the bible:

    Although both INTJs and ENTJs realize their Intuitions by way of rational criteria - principles, law, organizational structure, and so forth - ENTJs will not persue a goal unless it strikes them as compatible with reason. INTJs are more classically Promethean. They will steal fire from the gods without any assurance that a reasonable hearth exists as which to tend it back home. For such types, knowledge is not information, but a way of looking at things.


    Because Introverted Intuition coincides with our Sensate society's least developed inclinations, ENTJs share with INJs the burden of the collective unconscious. However, where INJs can be pushed by society's imbalance into a compensatory use of their dominant function, ENTJs are more likely to deny the existence of Introverted Intuition in themselves. They associate it with its inferior use in culture at large - irrational ideas about how things are, for example, along with the suspicion that secret knowledge is being hidden behind "official" explanations for social policy.

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