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Thread: Who wants to type me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annyong View Post
    I do well with book learning.
    I never really liked doing the "hands-on" stuff.
    Book learning doesn't always mean Ne, but a lack of ability/interest in learning from hands on experience certainly indicates that sensing is not your forte. Over all, I'd go with the assessment of INFP, which seems to be the general concensus.

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    I wouldn't say liking geometry is necessarily more indicative of Sensing. I liked geometry and calculus a lot as a strong N, because they were elaborations on fundamental principles. I found that algebra was presented (at least at my school) as a series of unrelated techniques to master. As an N, I wanted to know the "why," since "how" on its own is tedious, especially with mandatory repetition.

    This may just be because I connected better with my calculus and geometry teachers (pretty sure they were intuitives, too), but it's something to consider.

    I also don't think the ability to visualize (helpful in geometry, trig and calculus) is specific to S's or N's. There have been various threads which seem to indicate (not in a statistically valid kind of way, of course) that being good at visualization isn't closely related to type. I also noticed that even for INTPs and INTJs different individuals preferred different math courses.

    Not to muddy the waters too much, but I wouldn't weigh liking geometry heavily when deciding type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Space_Oddity View Post
    INFPs don't have to be 'soft' at all.
    Yep, common misconception. It seems many INFPs question their type because profiles make them seem too "fluffy".

    You sound pretty INFP to me, based on this info.

    Of course, SPs can be imaginative and book smart. One question for determining Se or Ne is:
    Do you tend to consider theories/concepts more or as much as actual experience (be it your own theory/experience or other people's)?
    That doesn't mean disregarding one or the other, but just noting what you are drawn to or what you tend to trust for future reference.
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    Good post Seymour, and it appears that J or P might have more to do with preference in mathematics.

    Learning Styles

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