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    So in the past I've taken the Myers Briggs test many times and always gotten ISFP. And I've always thought it was very accurate. But now I've gone off to school and I'm seeing lots of different aspects of my personality. I retook the test and got something different. Something which I think might be more accurate, but I'd like other people's opinions to see if they match up.

    1. If someone describes me with some particular trait, I need examples. I get mildly annoyed if they can't give me examples and just assert that I am indeed what they're saying, even if it's a good thing.
    2. I can be rather pushy, trying to convince people to see my way of thinking. I'm fairly successful with it.
    3. I like to be alone and don't mind silence, but often I just need to talk to someone, to rant. I've been known to approach my friends at school when they're doing something and tell them that I'm going to "talk at them for a bit."
    4. I like being very organized, keeping things straight in an almost OCD way, but when things start getting messy, like when people have been over or when you come back from a long trip and unpack I get really overwhelmed and let everything fall to pieces. When it comes to cleaning and such, my sister compares me to a small child, I need to be given one small task, complete it, and then come back for instructions on the next thing to be done.
    5. I don't care about being normal, I like being strange and doing strange things, like going to Walmart and out to eat while dressed like I was from the 80's, 80's dress with shoulder pads, teased hair, hideous green eyeshadow and everything, just to be amused by people's reactions. And I once wore a poodle skirt and full 50's garb to school and it wasn't Halloween.
    6. I like the idea of sky diving and spelunking and white water rafting and hang gliding and such.
    7. I love little kids, especially babies.
    8. I'm a Christian and not just I go to church on Sundays. I really have an awesome personal relationship with God.
    9. I'm going to a Bible School right now that has a total of 25 students.
    10. At school the rules are really strict and I have a tough time obeying rules I don't understand, I've always been raised to question everything.
    11. I can be very stubborn and not listen to things I don't want to hear.
    12. I like to understand where people are coming from to help me understand them and the things they do.
    13. I like to go for walks and talk with people a lot.
    14. I'm artistically inclined.
    15. I'm intelligent.
    16. I've been told I can be hard to please and have a bit of a negative attitude.
    17. I like working in the darkroom and playing in the snow and reading and doing things more than being idle.

    So hopefully this helps, I'm really interested to see what other people here think.


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    Any thoughts?

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    This still sounds like ISFP. Could it be that you're a bit stressed due to school and you're observing some things emerging within you (different aspects, as you said) but contribute those to mistyping yourself instead of just being a bit stressed? Tests are about self-evaluation and stress influences that quite a lot.

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    Interesting, that would make sense, but I'm a lot less stressed at school than I was at home.

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