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    You are what you love themightyfetus's Avatar
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    2w3 so/sx
    ESE Si


    Informing, responding, abstract...pragmatic vs. affiliative got me. Maybe I'm misunderstanding? I prefer to act independently and I tend to value individualism and "do your own thing."

    This makes me INxP.
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    Assuming this is accurate, looks like a good way to type other people as well since this is based on observable behaviour.

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    I would think I'm Informing, definitely. Responding is more likely now but it's a tossup.

    As for the other two categories, I'm Pragmatic > Affiliative, but I'm not sure about abstract/concrete. Let's say abstract, because I've been doing more of that recently. But on the other hand, I do love specific examples very much.

    xNTP or xSFP. Since I'm neither Fi nor Se, let's say xNTP. XD

    Assuming, of course, I know enough about the functions.
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    Informing + Responding = Behind-the-Scenes

    Abstract Language + Affiliative roles = Idealist/Catalyst

    = INFP

    Hold on, the affiliative versus pragmatic thing is difficult. I thought it was a distinction based on people versus results. But if it's based on doing what's best for the group versus doing what's best for the the individual then I'm definitely pragmatic and not affiliative. Hmm.

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    Directing and informing are really difficult for me. Around friends/family/people I'm comfortable with, I'm definitely directing. But when I'm in my sort of "I'm in public don't be a dick" state of mind, I'm more informing. Ugh I don't know.

    Definitely responding.

    So either chart the course or behind the scenes.

    Definitely concrete.

    Affiliative I think. Not sure.

    So either artisan/improviser or guardian/stabilizer.

    So basically, any ISxx type.

    But guardian/stabilizer fits better I think. ISxJ.

    I am unsurprised
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    SEI Fe


    Thanks for the information. I read everything and ESFJ describes me to a tee. My cognitive style according to Linda Berens is Enhancing Mind. The types that are of the Enhancing Mind Cognitive Style are ENTP, ISFJ, INTP, and ESFJ.
    MBTI Type: ESFJ
    Enneagram: 2w3
    Enneagram Trifix: 2w3/6w7/9w8
    Instinctual Variant: so/sp
    Seasonal Colour: Warm Autumn
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Functions: Fe > Si > Ne > Ti
    Classic Temperament: Sanguine-Phlegmatic
    Sociotype: Fe-SEI (ISFp)/D
    Homeopathic Type: EFB (ESFP)
    Cognitive Type: FeSi

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    The first one for me was behind-the-scenes, and all I got from the second one was affiliative. Couldn't decide between concrete and abstract. I'm guessing I'm actually an INFP or ISFJ; slightly leaning toward ISFJ just based on how consensus-oriented I am.
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    I am quite clear that I am a responding type. It is also clear that I use the abstract language so much so, that even my husband likes to poke fun at me at the fact that I speak mostly in riddles. And I definitely take on Affiliative roles. It's the informing/directing communication thing that I am mostly stuck on. I do remember many a times in my life where I have offended others for speaking too in their faces when it did not seem that way to me, though now, many years later as I reflect deeper on it, it is clear that I should have taken a more softer stance. I am not blaming my mother for this, but she used to scream at me whenever I spoke clearly and, I guess, in a more directing form of speech, so maybe I took on an informing style of speaking out of some fear?

    I do feel this very strange pattern that happens whenever I talk to somebody. If I must have them do something, I'll think of what I'm going to say, but then I feel this spiritual 'leash' around my neck, warning me to do it in a socially acceptable manner so as not to offend the other person. When it comes out or I blurt it out by accident, I feel embarrassed. At the same time, next to the more tougher xSTx types, I am definitely a weak bunny rabbit in comparison when it comes to speaking with other people.

    Some real life examples of me talking to my husband on Facebook:
    still gotta work tomorrow but afterwards i am off all the way until friday august 5th
    and worst case scenario, yes, definitely go to the emergency room
    babe i am going to take a long nap, is it ok if i do the laundry tomorrow?
    your mom wants to watch amovie with menow so i shall leave. i will see u tonight
    hey babe <3
    what is the website u go on to download movies/
    am going to bed now <3 your mom and i had many deep talks in the night now we shall sleep <3 you can cuddle with me when you get home. i love you <3

    EDIT: Just remembered something. I have a knack of letting other people know exactly what I'm going to do next. For example, I'll tell my husband what I'm going to do when I get home for work, what I'll cook, and which movie we can watch. Its like I'm afraid of leaving some important fact behind. I don't know if it even matters, though.
    Come Closer

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    Step 1:
    I relate more to Informing and Responding, thus "Behind-The-Scenes".

    Step 2:
    I guess abstract? I have a tendency (and preference) to think on patterns and conceptual things, such as life and death, and my thought process can be described as being abstract, seeing as it's so difficult to verbalize my thoughts.
    Huh? Well, I guess I could be pragmatic (maybe, maybe not, is this a thinking vs feeling thing? I'm not the type who generally cares about results unless desperate), so maybe I can be affiliative.

    Step 3:

    Cognitive Process Level of Development (Preference, Skill and Frequency of Use)
    extraverted Sensing (Se) ************************* (25.4)
    average use
    introverted Sensing (Si) *************************** (27.2)
    average use
    extraverted Intuiting (Ne) ******************************************** (44.9)
    excellent use
    introverted Intuiting (Ni) ******************************* (31.2)
    good use
    extraverted Thinking (Te) *************** (15)
    introverted Thinking (Ti) ******************************** (32.6)
    good use
    extraverted Feeling (Fe) ******************* (19.4)
    limited use
    introverted Feeling (Fi) ******************************************** (44.7)
    excellent use
    Summary Analysis of Profile
    By focusing on the strongest configuration of cognitive processes, your pattern of responses most closely matches individuals of this type: INFP

    Lead (Dominant) Process
    Introverted Feeling (Fi): Staying true to who you really are. Paying close attention to your personal identity, values and beliefs. Checking with your conscience. Choosing behavior congruent with what is important to you.

    Support (Auxilliary) Process
    Extraverted Intuiting (Ne): Exploring the emerging patterns. Wondering about patterns of interaction across various situations. Checking what hypotheses and meanings fit best. Trusting what emerges as you shift a situation’s dynamics.

    If these cognitive processes don't fit well then consider these types: ENFP, or INTP

    kaleidoscopic, turbulent, assertive, judging
    Alignment: Chaotic Apple | Lawful Orange
    Type: 14 billion different ones
    Functions: ALL
    Enneagram: 37w34 - -324w3 - 78w-43 smh/spo
    Grysltherravenhufflshoff - Divergendauntwithoutabnecandor - All other factions/houses in existence
    Temperament: PhlegChlorSangWatermelons
    Pastafarian Gnostic Agnostic Ignostic Theistic Atheistic
    [Insert Jargon Deep Quotes Here lololol]
    Art Credits: alphes

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    EIE Ni


    Informing/Initiating & Abstract/Affiliative, this means ENFP for me.
    794 Ennegram (7w6, 9w8, 4w5)

    Head triad - 7 > 6 > 5
    Body triad - 9 > 8 > 1
    Heart triad - 4 > 2 > 3

    Core type -> 6 wing: 75%. 8 wing: 25%.
    Second type -> 8 wing: 54%. 1 wing: 46%.
    Third type -> 5 wing: 68%. 3 wing: 32%.

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