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Thread: What's her type?

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    Default What's her type?

    She's someone I met and became friends with through the art world. She's a talented photographer, just starting her career. A perfectionist with loads of insecurities. She's giggling a lot and sometimes offending people around her without realizing it herself. I can sense her uneasiness in the world and have been trying to help her cope. She asks me about the correct protocol even in the simpliest interactions.

    She's never dated properly. All the guys she's been interested in seem to find her too weird and leave her after a couple of weeks. She goes to a therapist who's been worried of her being single forever and has told her to tone her personality down a little.

    I mostly find her great company. She's got so many innovative ideas but her personality is somewhat tiring. I don't always have the energy to answer her calls since they come so frequently - many times a day. So she's also really clingy and that's unappealing to a freedom loving ENTP.

    What do you think? I encouraged her to do a few personality tests in the internet and according to them she's an INFP or ENFP. An NF should be a talented writer but she's not. She asks my help writing the smallest things. I can see NP very clearly and perhaps an I, but could she really be a feeler?

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    Yes, INFP and ENFP were also my first ideas. Not every NF is a talented writer, and she definitely sounds like a feeler to me. I guess the 'clinginess' may be quite typical for NFs too, even though the most 'clingy' ones I've met were a few unhealthy INFJs.

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    this needs more info... you've basically just said that she's insecure, perfectionist and annoying. She's probably got a bit of enneagram 6 in her somewhere... though that's not all that helpful :P

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    Ive known her just a short time and thats about all I know about her. Wouldn't be asking if I knew her better

    Space Oddity, now that you've mentioned her clinginess it does remind me of my dear friend who's an ENFJ. When younger I used to run away from her need to be close all the time but now that she's matured and a mother of two there's nothing but love and respect between us.

    So maybe the answer after all is NFP.

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