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Thread: Just curious

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    My initial thought was ENFP. A lot of types can be associated with that group of adjectives if you try hard enough, but I think those are essentially the defining characteristics of ENFPs. When I think of defining characteristics of other types, that group of adjectives isn't really what comes to mind.

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    Ok, thanks for the responses all! The reason I have the group of adjectives is because my friends and I play a game where we each assign one another with an adjective that best describes that person (yes I know its lame of us but we are all F's and like to make each other feel warm and fuzzy). That is the group of words I got (easygoing was given by two people). I am an INFJ but it is interesting that people are saying INFP or ISFP because that is what I get when I do socionomics or however you spell it (INFP then ISFP then INFJ). How does your socionomics type differ from Myers-Briggs type (is it supposed to differ)? Does it make sense that my friends would see me as my socionomics type as opposed to my MB type?

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    Socionics is what I meant.
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