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Thread: The INFJ club

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    Default The INFJ club

    This is a place to discuss the INFJ type. I want to know what it means to have Intuition first over feelings and if that affects your love life so tell me about your love lives...

    : ENTP (Ne,Ti, Fe, Si)
    Enneagram: 4>9>6 ISP.
    Functions: Ne, Ti, Fe =excellent Si, Fi=good Te, Ni=limited Se=unused.
    My Temperament: Theorist >Catalyst>Stabilizer >Improviser
    Interacting Style: Get Things Going>In Charge>Chart the Course>Behind the Scenes
    Preferences: I like ESFJ's, & INFJ's.

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    Default My experience as an INFJ

    I feel that responding to my intuition before my typically a better approach for most things. For instance, if I were to have a "gut feeling" about a woman/man that "seemed nice" but found something to be largely out of place...I would need to pay attention to that. And have learned, over time, that doing so is the best choice. In the past, I would go back and forth...but usually found myself having to clean up the messes of ignoring my instincts. Thank God for that has kept me out of alot of trouble.

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