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Thread: What happens if someone BARELY has a score?

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    Default What happens if someone BARELY has a score?

    I don't know if any of you have used the Facebook MyType application, but it's powered by an outside institution (not a quiz created by an individual), and allows you to take a shortened version of the MBTI, score yourself on the Big Five (OCEAN), as well as "rate" your friends' personalities, so you can see how your perceptions of their personality differ from their self-perception (i.e., I am an INFJ, but others have perceived me as ENFJ and ESFP (what the crap?).

    It shows a bar graph of % you score in each facet, and a girl I know took it and BARELY got a SCORE. She was 2% Introverted, 1% Sensing, 2% Thinking and maybe 1% Perceiving.

    Next, reading the ISTP profile (which is my husband's type), ISTP does not fit her at all. She's a ballerina who attempts to write poetry and stories... so I tried to rate her an rated her an ISFP, which fits her MUCH better (in my opinion).

    So - here are my questions:
    1. What does it means when someone scores only a tiny percentage on a facet?

    2. What does it mean if they only score a tiny percentage on ALL the facets? You can't be all 16 personality types at once... This girl is 19 and I've noticed seems to be very insecure in who she is - could it be that she didn't know how to answer the questions?

    3. Any other thoughts? My best friend is an INTJ who is VERY close to being an ISTJ, so I just wonder how this whole "almost vacillating into another type" thing works...

    Thanks for the insight!
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    It means that they are a well rounded individual.
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    It also might mean they haven't really thought about these kinds of things about their personality and have no clue

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    She could have also put her answers in the middle for nearly every question because she doesn't want to sound too dramatic with her answers, or she doesn't really know herself?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soar337 View Post
    She could have also put her answers in the middle for nearly every question because she doesn't want to sound too dramatic with her answers, or she doesn't really know herself?
    Well, the facebook quiz is an "either or" type of test, but I agree it sometimes indicates a person does not know themselves well or has a distorted view of themselves. In this case, the facebook test is not very good, so I'd chalk it up to a crappy test.
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