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Thread: can you help me with my type??

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    Default can you help me with my type??

    hello! i'm new on this forum and the reason i joined it is because i'm unsure which type i am.

    first time i took the test was at humanmetrics. the result said that i'm an intj, but when i looked at the descriptions i thought that th best fit type was intp. then i took the test a few more times and at different sites and it said intp

    after a while(a few days later) i figured(or maybe not) that i am not so introverted as intp, and that i can understand people and their intentions fairly well. so then i realised(or not) that i am an entp. but that all sounded too good for me , and i always have this little feeling that maybe i answer the test in the way to control the results(english is my secondary language, so bear with it, please).
    i really can't tell am i an S or N, or F or T, but i know:
    -that i am pretty logical,
    -my favorite subjects of thinking are physics,chemistry, and vague(i love that word) stuff(like this),
    -i always do things in the last second(i will do it tomorrow, i will do it later, etc., don t you see that i'm in a hurry),
    -i enjoy things like a sunset,or the feeling that leave evenings when its cold,
    -i want to try everything
    -when i say something people cant really listen to me for more then 10 seconds

    i also think that the reason i always end up as an introvert in tests is because there isnt anyone that i can truly hangout or converse with and i wasnt really accepted by others before
    i also have a friend(who is an istp, at least i think so) with who i can talk about somehing that isnt set in stone, but when he thinks somethibng he isnt really open to other things unless i convince him with a really good argument bat that is rare.
    also, i dont really create much opinions about things, while my istp? friend does
    can you help me with my type?

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    i also plan to travel the world but i dont really know how will i do ti
    i have a lot of activities i dont want to drop because they interest me very much, but my schedule is almost always full

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    i can enjoy the moment but i dont really notice details
    i have a need to be better than most people in a lot of things
    i dont feel that i am so inovative as descriptions of entp say
    i generally like people and i like to convers but noone really want sto do that with me

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    Typing yourself by the four dichotomies is waste of time. "I'm really tidy - You sound J, that points to J, etc." The thing is many people here don't have the slightest clue what the functions mean.

    If you want to know your true type, you must write a description of yourself without using such a poor method. Just talk about people or tasks, your interests and hobbies and your interpretation of such. Life priorities, how you think, how you are communication-wise, just write a good few paragraphs about yourself.

    When you're in a group, what are you focused on (the atmosphere, emotional expression, exchange of ideas, productiveness, etc.?) What is your typical group behavior, and how'd you like groups to be and behave (small size, emotionally subdued, spontaneous, disorganized activities, etc.) Least favorite group behavior?
    INTP | IEI - INFp

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    if i'm in a group that is full of people that i don't give a s*** about or who's opinions don't interest me i take the leadership and try to get the task done so i can get out of the group or i step aside and do just what i am told and keep my opinions to myself. when i'm in a group with some people i can have fun with i take the leadership if everything goes slow, but in most times i say my opinions when i think it's needed, tell some jokes(that arent really funny to others) and do what i'm told so i can get out of the group.
    i dont really have a least favorite group behavior, because i can just step aside and dont care, but i don't like when people tell me how to do things that i already know this is the only thing i'm life that gets really on my nerves. when i don't know how to do somehting or i dont want to try to figure it out anymore ill just ask.
    when i have some activities, with a small group, is the only time when i seem funny(at least to me)
    i like to be one-on-one because then i can really talk to the person,if he/she wants to talk, because most people dont want to talk with me and then i end up asking a lot of questions to that person.
    i think i don't have any real friends, but just some people who i hang out with

    also thank you for your reply i think it has given me some inight on this

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