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Thread: Type me from old journal entries!

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    Default Type me from old journal entries!

    Hey, it looks like I accidentally submitted this exact thread as I was typing it up, so the other is incomplete. How do I delete that thread?

    I swap around with caring and not caring about what my type is. On one hand, it doesn't really matter, as knowing it in certainty won't actually affect my life in any way. On the other hand, I'd like some closure. The more I read into the Fi/Ti dichotomy the more maddening it gets. BECAUSE I've read so much about it I feel like I have become biased in evaluating myself, so I have turned to old journal entries that were written before I delved into MBTI.

    This one in particular interested me (wrote it when I was 15) and I'd like to hear your thoughts on what this sounds like:

    "Ok, so I'm thinking about values now and supposedly writing down your own helps you verify. Sooo...
    - I'm not better than anyone
    (Speaking of regular humans and not serial killers who don't qualify as such)
    - I'm good enough for myself
    - Seek truth
    Truth doesn't always come from where it is expected, so weigh in from all sides.
    -Question stuff
    Humans don't and can't understand everything. They can be wrong, so always wonder.
    - Respect others
    But see above [condition]
    - It is important to think for myself
    That's all I can think of right now. There's these but they're not really values:
    -Murphey's Law will prevail
    -Keep your hopes standard to low.

    Today was kind of shitty. I feel empty. But then again I haven't eaten a full meal since 3."

    And this one when I was upset about something:
    "I should analyze my statements and how I'm feeling. Maybe psychology will tell me I'm being stupid about this."

    Any sort of entry describing some strong negative emotion is accompanied with "I know, I know, melodrama" or some variation of that.

    I have read that Fi users tend to see things as good/evil. I tend to weigh both sides and can see why people behave in different ways. I do agree with this statement though: "It is often hard to assign words to the values used to make introverted Feeling judgments since they are often associated with images, feeling tones, and gut reactions more than words" (from I'm not so sure about the values portion of it but that all applies when I'm listening to music or looking at a piece of artwork. I get this indescribable ambiance from the pieces.

    In interactions with people I vary greatly. Usually, if I know I won't be seeing them again or meeting them for the first time I am very outgoing, bubbly, and somewhat earnest. After that it depends on my mood: I'll tell stories with great enthusiasm (people always comment that I have a huge variety of expressions) and energy, or I'll be very calm, serious, and sarcastic.


    (For what it's worth, the first time I took the test I got INTP. The second time I took it with someone I was infatuated with and scored as INFP. After that I've been switching between the two.)
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    Like I said in the other thread, I think you are an INFP. And that you are just developing Si, making you appear to be more T like. But in reality you're just becoming more realistic (or you are realistic and you're just now realizing that on introspection), and that is Si coming into play.
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    I'm still a little confused on what Si is. Sensing is definitely my weakest function, so I should look into that a bit more. Thanks!

    Does anyone else have opinions?

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