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Thread: Help me discovering my type

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    Default Help me discovering my type

    Hi everybody,

    I have the following traits:

    -I'm usually not interested in meeting new people (except for special ones). For close friends and relatives, I talk a lot but for other people don't know what to talk them. I remember I was afraid of social game when I was a child. I'm introvert, is it true?
    -When reading something, I usually do not remember the details of it even though I read them character by character, which is my natural way of reading, (for example, history books) but I usually spot the mistake (for example, spelling) or illogical points in films, text. I also frequently day-dream, e.g. what does my future house look like, my adventures around the world etc... Am I sensor or intuitive?
    -I usually can't control my emotions, for example too angry in bad cases. That's the reason why I like to deal with decisions that do not involved people. Does this mean I'm feeler or thinker?
    -Finally I like to work whenever I like and in casual form but I can't stand when people around me making things messy. I'm almost on time in every meetings but do not like many rules, procedures and regulations in working environment. Am I J or P?

    Thank you

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    I think you're an INP of some kind, but you haven't given enough information for me to say for sure. Have you taken a cognitive processes test yet? They're often very helpful, at least until you learn how to skew your results.
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    Thanks Nunki!

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