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Thread: What's my friend?

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    Default What's my friend?

    She is the only friend of mine that didn't take the test when I sent out a mass facebook message to my closest friends, asking them to take it.

    She is at school for journalism and fashion and is the head of some fashion club at her school. She is generally seen as nice and friendly (wears a big smile on her face and is not shy). She doesn't have a huge circle of friends though and is really independent. She is manipulative and investigative in a secretive way (i.e., she knows things about me that I have no possible idea how she could know them then uses this information against me to get more information). She is sort of the motherly one in our group (always seemed a little more mature than the rest of us). Practical and no-nonsense. She likes to gossip and know things about people but I would trust her to keep a secret if I had to tell her something. Never really tells jokes but laughs a lot/appreciates other people's jokes. Well, if she does tell a joke it is usually smart and biting but more clever than hilarious.

    When we talk it is usually about people (not necessarily bad talking, just talking about them in general). Me her and another friend (ISFJ) used to have tea parties together and she always hosted them. Always remembers to call/send me a card on my birthday. Is into forming alliances with people (weird form of loyalty) and always treated me and a couple other friends differently than the other ones because she had known us longer.

    I have thought perhaps ISFJ or ISTJ? I am really uncertain though.

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    Sounds like an ISFJ

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    I wouldn't be surprised. All of my friends thus far are SFs except for one I met in college.

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    After reading, i'm thinking ISFJ as well

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