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Thread: My mom CAN'T be ENTJ.. can she?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alwar View Post
    Abomination! A woman's hair is her glory!
    Hehe, I used to live by polygamists and this is what they thought. They couldn't wear makeup but they COULD make their hair into a big showy puff on top of their heads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    And it's pretty common for F's to misinterpret the questions.


    Just as common as it is for MBTI tests to be written poorly

    OP, your mom sounds ENFJ from your description. Being a feeler doesn't mean someone cannot use logic, but it's usually just not cut off from ethical values. Maybe that is what seems "inconsistent" to you.

    An intuitive is likely to enjoy questioning things also. I think some NFs have copped to enjoying playing devil's advocate, myself included, although I would call it just playing with different perspectives to clarify an issue.
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    Definitely does not seem ENTJ, or any T type for that matter.

    I would say she's ExFJ.

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