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Thread: pls help ID this type

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    Default pls help ID this type

    * female 34 years old
    * graduate of extremely competitive top ranked US law school
    * took a job at a top law firm in Europe
    * transferred to that firm's India office to do something different
    * paid off the school debt and quit to do a job that's similarly challenging but which makes a lot less money because the financial law work "was not meaningful"
    * speaks a few languages
    * likes animals, arts, travels a lot
    * socially well-connected, close to family
    * boyfriend of four years is from another country and they've been doing very long distance for a couple years
    * apparently the relationship is having difficulty, but despite her age, they haven't broken up
    * reserved in group settings, but good conversationalist and biting humor
    * seems generally cautious around people and also independent
    * good fashion sense

    I'm thinking INT-?

    Thanks for any ideas!

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