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Thread: Men (and women!) of Mystery

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    Default Men (and women!) of Mystery

    Hi all!

    I'm new to the typology stuff, but I find it incredibly fascinating. I have spent the past week trying to type family & friends but have hit a road block. Any help would be wonderful!

    Case study #1: He loves to argue/make a point. He will go into stores/places always ready to argue with people. Can be warm and affirming, as long as you are on his good side. Does not like people that are easily excitable. Gets very upset if someone isn't emotionally involved in his life. Tends to act impulsively all of the time following situations. Used to think he was a 'T' but his 'F' side becomes more apparent the more I get to know him. Not overly outgoing, but hospitable. Rushes into things just to 'get them taken care of' without thinking them through.

    Case study #2: The sweetest person I have ever met. She will bend over backwards for her friends without asking anything in return. Easily excitable, but not too outgoing, takes her a while to warm up to people/places. Always has 'feelings' about things and is almost always spot on. Charming, warm, and friendly, but is also very rational. Very open to change, new people/situations as long as they mesh with her values. Loves to plan things and likes to have a plan, even if the plan changes. Absolutely perfectionist, and can get discouraged with a project if it isn't 100% perfect.

    Case study #3: He changes something every month. His hair, his 'style', his life, his marriage, his car.. you name it. He works in sales, which is perfect because I have never met someone that is so full of sh-t. He is the perfect con-artist and somehow always finds a sucker to leach onto. Isn't overly outgoing, but can't stand to be alone. Completely incorrigible. Lives in the here and now, although his relationship views are somewhat idyllic...

    Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks!

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    #1 is ENTP, i think

    #2 is definitely INFJ

    #3 ESTP
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    Quote Originally Posted by iamathousandapples View Post
    #1 is ENTP, i think

    #2 is definitely INFJ

    #3 ESTP
    I agree on all of them.

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    #1: ESFJ

    #2: IxFJ

    #3: ESTP

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    #1 ESTP
    #2 ISFJ, maybe an N, not enough info
    #3 ESTP (w/the stereotypically bad traits...oh well)
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