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Thread: ISFP or INFP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    The thing that makes me think Ne the most is building the characters worlds in his head.
    This is anecdotal but I do that kind of thing, but I get bits of information here and there pop in my mind and have to pull them out to sort through and make something of them. I can't do it all in my head. I need to build a framework outside of myself to hang everything off.

    There always needs to be a feedback loop with the external world in some way.
    Well, technically, he creates character worlds on paper. The details are evident in the drawing. Like I said, his cartoons are literal in a way.
    I know an ISFP can create characters, because ISFP novelists do exist
    I think that's a matter of Fi in some ways.

    For me, it's his speech that seems Ne. Just totally random sometimes, but if I listen hard I can see what he is getting at.
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    I see, I'm thinking he is ISFP again. Just based on my own experience with myself though.

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