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Thread: A friend of mine...

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    Default A friend of mine...

    Usually I don't have problems figuring out some person but this person just confuses me. What I know of him so far...

    - Comes from an extremely well off family.
    - Loves to style himself. (Age 14 onwards)
    - Claims he used to be hideous.
    - Drives dangerously for the fun of it.
    - Fell off a cliff and survived.
    - Appears to now treat life sort of fast and furious due to the above logic "I survived that, I'll survive whatever."
    - Easily spends money on something that looks nice.

    - Claims that he needs a good looking person to satisfy his high sexual desire, abandoning the whole idea of the personality/looks when brought up. Claimed It's too difficult to get that short term.

    - Family is slightly dysfunctional from what I've heard. Claims that the reason he sticks with them is due to the financial security they provide him.
    - Requires to drink before sleeping.
    - Past friends appear to be crazy as well. I can't actually remember any insane stories because they were so unusual, stuff like getting caught in the sea without mobiles and potential fires. Uhhh completely flew over my head. Alternatively crashing a Go-Kart into their garage.

    - Claims he loses his attention easily while driving, that he should be removed from the road for being distracted.
    - Studies english and politics as a minor.
    - Attended a christian school. Knows his theology and philosophy extremely well. He'll start debating people about theism...

    Personally I get the strong impression that he's appears to be an N (Possibly an emotionally broken one due to life circumstances). But I can't figure out the other three.

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    He probably has high extroverted sensing. You say that he's an Intuitive, so I'm thinking he's Se and Ni both fairly high.

    I'm thinking ENxJ.

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    He's definitely got high Se or at least displays it by getting involved in activities that are commonly Se.
    I'm just wondering how much of a factor environment can play into this, considering his wealthy background literally allows him to spend more than $200 on a piece of clothing. It's possible that it's opened up opportunities for high-costing Se activities and therefore he's just become someone who is accustomed to such sort of lifestyle.

    The intuitive part is due to his literature background. It could be that he is just extremely well educated and happens to be interested in english literature, theology and philosophy. I don't really get a sense of Si from him, but I can't quite figure out Ne or Ni either (Mostly because I haven't spent that much time with him.)

    He's bisexual but his parents do not know of this, otherwise they would supposedly kill him literally. Despite the tremendous amount of financial security, his family life seem to be rather messed up. I thought that there's a possability that all this obvious Se and high risk living is caused by this. He has admitted that at one point he was suicidal, and actually attempted to do so. He doesn't anymore but the fact that he has to drink himself to asleep is still a problem imo...

    I'm just thinking that's an abuse of Se. Inferior? It'd indicate INJ - could teritiary Se do the same but it's possible that he is an extravert. He definitely seems out going as well. I can't quite type him down.

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    Textbook ESTP.

    His interest in philosophy and English can be dismissed as an unusual result of stress. He's extremely lost in his Se (even for an ESP), and occasionally his unconscious mind backlashes... and apparently this happened often enough for him to have (for better or worse) opportunities to become somewhat aware of things no normal ESP would ever be stressed enough to be pushed to learn about.

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    Hm. I was thinking whether he could be an ESP considering that I've only ever observed Se (It is pretty obvious) and haven't really given much thought to the Ne/Ni.

    Would there be much value in getting him to test himself through a standard MBTI test?

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