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Thread: MBTI & ADHD - my son

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    The T and F is a tough call, but as far as I know INXP kids can appear to have ADHD due to being stuck in their heads. I know I seem that way to people.

    I am an INFP that likes to be logical, I'm friends with INTPs who are warm and kind to other people. It's all odd, you can't really stereotype that kind of thing that well. Fi and Ti are internalized, and INFPs and INTPs can look alike because they express this internal knowledge with their Ne.

    I'd say just get him to take the test? "Hey, I thought you might be interested in this- it's a personality theory." And go from there.
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    My oldest son was considered ADHD for a while and took meds, however we had to take him as the med-nonmed mood swings were so drastic as to be detroying our family.

    We finally put him a school with a bunch of science kids, and dont give him any meds and he is a silly, funny, clever, spastic little enfp. He couldnt organize himself out of a cardboard box. Not sure where he got that .......

    I wouldn't rule your kid out as not being an enfp. What I noticed about myself and my son is that we both Do/did not like to share what we were feeling as teenagers. I was horrified to have feelings as I felt they were a huge weakness. He is much healthier but he is still very hesitant to share his feelings with me. I think they can be really strong and he has to sort them out in his head and feels that he needs privacy to do that. So even though your kiddo may be quiet-perhaps he just keeps this stuff inside him a bit more, more closely protected.

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    Yesterday he took the Insight Game test and came out ESFP. However, I wasn't impressed with the S-verus N test questions which basically were S=down to earth and doing things versus N=artsy and dreamy.

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