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Thread: does this make sense?

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    Default does this make sense?

    for an entp?

    ive mapped out my 8 functions but left I/E out because im in between the definition of I and E.

    NE TI PE

    SE FI JI

    id say i have a pretty high TI with a high FI and NE as well

    following by costrin's example:
    "Pe gathers external data and gives it to Ji.
    Pi also gathers external data, but also connects the data together. Compares new data to the model it has and gives that information to Je. It can also reevaluate data already collected.

    Ji builds an internal model with building blocks acquired from Pe.
    Je builds an external model with blueprints acquired from Pi."

    does j/p even have an i/e?
    or is it just like i/e and has none?
    id like to see this explained more thoroughly in order to get a real valid answer..

    lets just assume I'm a Pe with a Ji for now, i suppose

    can anyone tell me how it all makes sense/how they work together
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    Well i know my own function order is Ne Ti Ni with the rest trailing behind though i think my Te is ok as well.
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