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    Default Type this woman!

    This is everything I know about her:

    She is a mother and has two kids. She's very social and there are never any awkward pauses when having a conversation with her. She's very warm. She's always getting her husband and kids to hang out with their family. I think family is very important to her. I guess sometimes she puts on a happy face and acts like everything is fine even when it's not. She doesn't want her son hanging out with friends she thinks are a bad influence and gives him a hard time about it (to be truthful though, they are bad friends). One time she caught him with drugs and she made him get rid of them right in front of her. Oh and she has her own business making children's books.

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    Pretty sure she would be ESFJ. But I'm sure others would drop in here and give their ideas. She might be leaning towards XSFJ though. Seems she has some introverted side to her, but is able to show her extroverted side without any problem when needed. That would suggest a good control over Ti, but then again her will to keep peace would suggest she leans more towards Fe in the grand picture.

    She seems a pretty well balanced person, and has a pretty solid understanding on who she is and what she wants to be.

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    Onca again I have to agree with Fluffywolf, my first impression is definitely of ESFJ! She is comfortable with herself and knows exactly what she thinks is right and wrong. One of those great ESFJ glue people (I wouldn't have a social life without them).
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    Probably ESFJ.
    Or something close to that

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