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    What made you say J for the second person?? I saw her more as a P but I'm not sure :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by am_i_evil666 View Post
    What made you say J for the second person?? I saw her more as a P but I'm not sure :P

    Quote Originally Posted by am_i_evil666 View Post

    She is another colleague and friend of mine.
    Well, she is one the most fun person to be around, if she's in the mood, but dare you cross her path when she is annoyed and you will end up getting a wrong impression about her(as being cold and bitchy and a bit overreacting).
    She is pretty empathic and is able to get the moods of people quite fast; She is also influenced by their moods and will get quite depressed when in conact with someone depressing(not that she needs help to get depressed sometimes). As fun, wiskimic and lively as she is sometimes, she has quite some phases when she's pretty depressed, mostly over looking to life in a philosophical manner and with disinterest. She has a knack for fantasy and will often indulge herself in daydreaming, not too much, of course, but enough to give her that 'look'. She is not the one to say "I'm sorry for you"
    if she does not believe it, or if she's not that interested in other peoples problems, but yet she often does this, under social pressure (because she cares what other people think and wants to keep the appearances). She does not say what she does not believe just to look good/impress, and she stands firm by her opinions. By no means has she touble when it comes to say what she thinks.
    Quite dominant sometimes, she tends to manipulate people into what she thinks is the real deal(her interest). For example, she managed to manipulate all the guys in our group not to go to a certain movie because she just DOES NOT LIKE horrors.

    She hates being subject to criticisms, and acceptance (in the society) is very important to her. Also, she is miserable if alone too much, she often even stays with people she does not like just because they are more than nothing(but she's not addicted to people or something). Sometimes she may seem a little introverted because she does not speak and may seem unfocused during some conversations, but that is just because the topic at hand does not interest her one bit. When she's interested in something, she'll talk about it (boy she will!!).
    Sometimes she strikes me with her maturity in thinking, as oposed to the time she acts like a 3-year-old (like when she chases birds with friend #1).
    AT school, she gets pretty high grades although not putting much effort into it. She'll do extremely well at subjects which interest her and above mediocre on all the others. She gets high grades because of her ego; she hates having the same grades with a person whom she considers "more stupid" . She is quick-witted, and gets bored often, and does not meet deadlines in projects(most of them are started at the last minute, and made in a rush).She likes to read, especially fantasy books
    She has an issue with her self-confidence, and is 'bipolar' about her appearance. Sometimes she believes she's smokin' hot, but sometimes not.
    She sometimes needs having tied ends, but mostly feels locked when having too much certainty and no posibillity to change.
    Her room is messy, there are always clothes all over her bed and floor(which she hides under the blanket when people come by). She really likes to dance and go to parties (and be the center of attention). And gets really paranoid about public transportation, which she hates but has to use all the time.
    The bold

    The last couple paragraphs show some P traits, but FJs aren't the most concerned with deadlines that don't involve others, and aren't always the most organized in their personal homes, or at least NFJ.
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