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Thread: I or E for these two friends?

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    Default I or E for these two friends?

    I suck at typing, especially people close to me.

    1) “S” (XSTX?)

    - very assertive, but is always tactful, at least in person
    -tends to be the leader in any group, makes the plans & follows through, etc
    -Friendly but doesn’t ‘share’ personal thoughts and feelings
    - Likes crowds – bars, restaurants, amusement parks, the mall, Las Vegas, casinos, cruise ships, etc
    - gets energy from being with others, but still needs downtime to decompress and release some of this energy that was attainted by being with others
    - is happy alone for a few days but then goes crazy and wants company or wants to get out
    - not the greastest conversationalist with people she doesn’t know. Mostly because she hates to share and is quite reserved though if there is a mutual topic then talks a lot
    -moderately talkative but also a good listener
    - likes it quiet when needing to focus

    2) “M” (XSFp?)

    - eccentric middle-aged cat-lady type
    - not assertive
    - very chatty – talks everyone’s ear off, nobody can get a word in edgewise and has a tendency to not think before she speaks (social blunders)
    - knows all the cashiers, bank tellers and their personal business
    - a loner, is home alone most of the time
    - doesn't seek much stimulation
    - has few friends but is ‘friendly’ with everyone
    - says she likes to go out to bars, restaurants but rarely does

    Introverts or Extraverts?

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    ESTJ and ESFp.

    "All humour has a foundation of truth."
    - Costrin

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    Thanks for your help. I'm going to mull those over. In both cases I thought that they were both introverts, especially my neighbor M - but I wonder if she's just become a loner by habit. I can see ESTJ for S.

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    ESTJ for the first, crazy for the second (she's not "eccentric" unless she's rich)
    I don't wanna!

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    1) ESTJ

    2) ISFP

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    So ESTJ it is for #1

    #2 definately sends out mixed signals about the E vs I.

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