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    I've been really interested in typing one of my classmates, and I know there are some "professionals" on this forum who can do it better than me. Can't say I really like him (I tend to look at him as a 'rival' of some sorts), but knowing his type will help me to understand and handle him.
    Let's start

    - he's 18, tall and skinny
    - pretty clever, very good grades
    - he's wearing comfortable clothes, neat and orderly, doesn't care about fashion at all
    - he loves arts, he's reading a lot of poems and novels
    - still unsure about what to do with himself after high school
    - great conversationalist, sometimes too quiet
    - sarcastic, but never cracks a joke
    - a lot of hobbies
    - he likes to be melancholic (pondering about the "meaningless life")
    - lack of self-confidence
    - he's writing short stories, mostly for himself

    So, what do you think? INFJ? INTJ? INFP? I may add additional information if necessary.

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    ISFP was my first guess.

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    Thanks for the input. I'm still not completely familiar with the system (especially in case of sensors), so I didn't think of that possibility. He seems to be too organized for a perceiver and too much of a long-range thinker for a sensor. An insecure intuitive perhaps?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    ISFP was my first guess.
    No way. I'm thinking ISFJ or INFJ.

    I also knew an ESFJ who matched many of those characteristics, though I think he may have been a mistyped introvert.

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