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Thread: So I'm still ISFP eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wolfy View Post
    How did you decide your boyfriend was isfp?
    lol....I thought he was istp at first. I got him to take a test and he got isfp. I was like, what! go read the istp description, isn't that better? "yeah that's pretty accurate" ok go read the isfp description. "that's way better!" ....hmm.

    I still think he's istp sometimes since he doesn't really act like the isfps here seem to. But he acts more like them than the istps, his vibe is softer (though still harsher than the 'average' isfp, it seems). I dunno, I always thought it'd be easy to tell the difference, in theory, it being the major function and all, but it's hard in real life! He's logical about most decisions but also caters to people's feelings a lot more than me. He's the least romantic person I've ever met. He's got a bad case of the conflict avoidings. It's always hard to be sure, just like for you.
    -end of thread-

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    It is hard, really hard. I have had some luck looking at my thinking. Why and how I decide, my framework of things.

    I want more votes!

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    I just want fifty votes. Vote in the stupid poll. I don't care what you vote for.

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