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    I am quite confused about my type. I pretty much always test myself as INTJ; however, my wife usually tests me as other types. The last test she answered for me resulted in INFP.

    I have read the descriptions of various types. When the site was up, I broke it down into classes. I identify most with the introverted intuitives, extraverted thinkers, and introverted feelers. However, each of those descriptions apply to the classes having those dominate functions. I believe that I do identify fairly equally with the descriptions of the INTJ, INFJ, and INFP. I do identify somewhat with the INTP, but not nearly as much as the others.
    I can explain pretty thoroughly why I believe that I am an INTJ. However, I can explain pretty thoroughly why I could be other types as well. I realize that many people do have more than one main type. I am trying to narrow down my strongest function order so that my wife and I can learn to relate better. She is definitely an ENTJ.

    The kicker is that I am undeniably an Enneagram type 2. I would like to think I am more of a 9, but I cannot even fool myself. INTJ does not correlate with Enneagram type 2.

    Would someone please help me?
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    My best estimate would be INFJ. (Under my function system, this correlates to Feeling Primary/Intuition Support/Introverted.)

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