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Thread: Hello everyone!

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    Default Hello everyone!

    Hey, newcomer here.

    I'm a weird overly caring and spiritual person from France who is obsessed by one anime (strangely enough, I'm not even into anime apart from this one), drawing, writing, music, thinking, so many things to mention it'd take hours and hours and would make people's IQ drop by seventy points every minute... Not sure about my type, I'll figure that out, but I know I'm definitely some 6w5 xNFJ. Still haven't been able to figure out whether my dominant was Fe or Ni.
    I hope to have a good time there. See you 'round.

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    Hi there!

    Luckily for you I have many IQ points to spend if you ever want to share anything else lol

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    70 points a minute? Well I'll make this quick or I'll be drooling my oatmeal. Welcome!
    To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. Douglas Adams

    Mornings are for coffee and contemplation. Jim Hopper

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    one does not simply get interested in one anime

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